Personalized Crystal Intention Sceptre – Angel Chatter

Personalized Crystal Intention Sceptre

$ 138.00

Infuse Crystal and Angel Energies Into Your Soul


This beautiful and sacred product honors Dr. Masaru Emoto's lifelong work that we can alter water/liquid molecules based on our thoughts and energy. What are crystals but energy? As glass is permeable, the crystal's energy gently flows through the glass into your beverage of choice ultimately altering your essence. 

Allow Christine to connect with your Angels and design the perfect sceptre for YOU and where you are at this moment in life. Each Personalized Sceptre will contain an unknown variety of crystals. This depends on what your desires are and what will help you achieve those beautiful goals and dreams.

Christine will go deep into meditation to connect with your 'Gang'. Based on  your feedback and more importantly, theirs, crystals will be chosen from her vast inventory to create the perfect and balanced blend to help empower you.

It's been asked:

"How many angels can be fit into on Sceptre?"

Can't many angels dance on the head of a pin? Of course they can! Therefore, as many are needed will be included in your Personalized Sceptre. We've had clients that have had over 15 crystals in one sceptre! What we can tell you is this: 

Each sceptre contains clear quartz crystals to magnify the power of the others. There will be either a Selenite and/or Amethyst, based on your needs, to keep the crystals in your Personalized Sceptre clear. All you need to do is use it to help you become more empowered!

Your Personalized Sceptre Package includes a detailed listing of what crystals were chosen for you and why. To keep your sceptre honored (as you must be honored) you will also receive a single sceptre stand. 

As with our regular Crystal Sceptres, you may use your personalized sceptre in the same fashion:

  • Meditation. One often finds rubbing the lead and nickel free pewter medal at the top of the scepter quite soothing. This soothing practice will help to deepen your meditation while calm your mind.
  • Beverages. Immerse your sceptre in a beverage of choice. As the cork is very porous, we recommend to not fully immerse your sceptre as the liquid, over time, may seep in. Let your sceptre steep in the beverage for a minimum of five minutes or as long as you wish. We use it for our pet's water, tea, bath and personal drinking water. Also keep in mind that the cork is glued on; in other words, please do not attempt to remove the cork!
Maintenace is easy; gently handwash with mild soap and water. Gently dry and your sceptre is ready for its next use.

Special Purpose

This is a new offering due to special request. If you feel a strong connection to Dragons, Unicorns, Mother Mary, Birds, etc. this may be accomplished!  If interested in this option, please contact us first to ascertain it is possible to create this your request. Please allow an extra week to acquire your specific figurine. Each figurine is cleared and charged energetically with you and your purpose in mind. As with the Angelic Personalized Sceptre, the Special Purpose Sceptre includes its own stand. 

Made with great Love in the USA

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