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Your Yearly Forecast by the Archangels

$ 127.00

2019 has been decreed The Breakthrough Year by the angels; aka The Gang. Each person's Breakthrough will vary from soul to soul. The Breakthroughs can be recognition on the red carpet, to joining with their true love, to BEing true to themselves and never looking back. Anything and everything is possible in 2019. With this knowledge in hand, wouldn't you wish to know how the angels will be assisting you month by month?

With the Annual Angel Reading Forecast, now you can.


How Does My Personalized Annual Angel Reading Work?


After your order has been placed, I will go into a deep meditation to focus solely on you and your desires. The Angel Chatter Oracle Cards will be shuffled, the cards will show themselves; month by month. Each card has a specific message that is supported by a ritual as well as Askfirmations that can help motivate and empower you for the entire year of 2019, month by month.

If there is a specific area in which you wish me to pay particular attention, please make a notation in the comment section when purchasing.

Your entire report will be then emailed to you within two weeks of purchasing.

Without sounding salesy, don't delay, the doors are only opened for a limited time:

November 14, 2018 through February 5, 2019

On February 6, 2019, the doors will close until the 2020 offering. 

Don't forget, others will LOVE receiving their Annual Angel Reading as well! Have a friend, loved one, client? It promises to be a very empowering gift. 

Just a note, this is not a computer generated report as many others offer. This is a personal and heart motivated service offering. 


One more thing... Your Yearly Forecast will be delivered via email through We Transfer. The document is too large to send via regular email and this is indeed a trusted source. Please check your spam and yes it is A-OK to accept and open! Also, please download your Forecast as We Transfer only keeps it active for so many days. 

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