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The 2020 Personalized Channeled Roadmap

$ 138.00

2020 is The Year of Allowing.

Every single person will be challenged at some point in 2020 to allow. Allowing can come via allowing what is desired to manifest. Allowing can be remembering to rise above the fray and not get drawn into another's drama, no matter how dire.  Allowing can be this and oh so much more.

Anything and everything is possible in 2020.

With this knowledge in hand, wouldn't you wish to know how the angels will be assisting you month by month? 

With The 2020 Personalized Channeled Roadmap, now you can. You will receive your entire Roadmap for 2020 in one email.

  • Each month will have a cover page.
  • Each month's channeled message will vary from client to client, depending on the card that was chosen for you.
  • Each channeled message includes a ritual that can help to keep you motivated and BE more empowered to Allow.
  • Each month will also include a variety of Askfirmations to also assist in you relaxing the ego and step into allowing a bit more.

How Does My Personalized Channeled Roadmap Work?

After your order has been placed, Christine will go into a deep meditation to focus solely on you and your desires. The Angel Chatter Oracle Cards will be shuffled, the cards will show themselves; month by month. 

If there is a specific area in which you wish Christine to pay particular attention, please make a notation in the comment section when purchasing.

Your entire report will be then emailed to you within two weeks of purchasing, or commencing the BEginning of January, whichever comes first.

Please don't delay, the doors are only opened for the Personalized Channeled Roadmap for a limited time:

November 22, 2019 through January 27, 2020

On January 28, 2020, the doors will close until the 2021 offering. 

Don't forget, others will LOVE receiving their Annual Angel Reading as well! Have a friend, loved one, client? It promises to be a very empowering gift. 

  • Note #1 ~ this is not a computer generated report as many others offer. This is a personal, time consuming and heart motivated service offering. 
  • Note #2 ~ Your Personalized Channeled Roadmap will be delivered via the program, We Transfer. It is delivered to your email inbox; therefore there is nothing for you to purchase, add on, etc. Please check your spam and yes it is A-OK to accept and open! Please download your Roadmap as soon as you receive it.  We Transfer keeps it for a limited number of days.
  • Note #3 ~  For those that received 2019's offering, the messages have deepened and therefore changed. Of course there will be similarities, but the messages are more profound than ever before. 
  • Note #4 ~ Each 2020 Roadmap will be addressed in the order it was received. All 2020 Roadmaps will be emailed commencing the beginning of January, 2020. Here's to a FANTASTIC year for YOU! 
  • Note #5 ~ Each recipient of the 2020 Roadmap will also receive a discounted code for the entire year of 2020 and this discount also includes services! Can you imagine receiving 20% off the year mentor package, or the weekend or...?




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