Student 'Retreat'

Student 'Retreat'

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Student Educational Retreat 

October, 1-2, 2021


Friday Evening

We'll spend Friday evening talking about the various dimensions and how they affect you. 

Topics will include traits of the 3d dimension vs. the 5th dimension. How to tell where you are residing the majority of the time. 

Does your personal energy impact where you 'land' - sleep, diet, exercise, overall health?

This of course does not include the chatting time to share your personal AHAs, intentions for the weekend, etc. 



Saturday will be divided into two main topics:

The Magdalene:

Her story as she shares it with me. A bit of rehash of her life's timeline, but most importantly how she is sharing her energies and teachings for all in the present day.

How to BE

So often this BEing feels like a nice idea, but unobtainable. 

  • Life can take over
  • Vacations
  • Illness
  • etc.

Tips that have been woven throughout your course will BE discussed in greater detail and by the end of Saturday's session, you will BE given tips as well as tools, also we'll delve deeper so you may devise your own trigger awareness cues so you may implement the tools into your life.

Ample time for Q&A will be provided, as well as breaks.



  1. As of this posting, there are no fire pit ceremonies scheduled. We are moving and the current firepit stays at the old digs. I can't guarantee we will get one in time for the 'New and Last Digs'. However, who knows what may BE in store for us! ;) 

  2. For those wishing to purchase any products throughout the weekend, you may do so via a special code that will expire at midnight, Sunday, October 3, 2021.

  3. No discounts are valid for the retreat.