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Angel Chatter Sun Drops

$ 29.00

"Sun Catchers with Intention"

Charged with Angelic Frequencies,

Sacred Geometry and Specific Intentions

Send more focused and intentioned sparkles into any space! There are nine high energy Sun Drops to choose from. All are made with a lead and nickel-free pewter emblem setting the individual intention and bearing the matching angel’s symbol from Chris’ Oracle Card Deck. Each is complemented by a string of crystal clear glass beads, that send colored prisms of joy into every room in which they hang. Each Sun Drop measures approximately 9 ½ inches in length, and are designed to hang in windows, porches, or anywhere you want to catch a sunbeam, fill it with intention and reflect it back into your life.

As with most of Angel Chatter products, the Sun Drops are exclusive to Angel Chatter and made with love in the USA.

Choose from:

Auriel | Illumination

Throw more light into your world and on areas of your life. Aurora Bourealis crystals enlighten Archangel Auriel’s emblem its intention of Illumination which can help illuminate areas in your world; the right choice, an area not yet explore and more.

Chamuel | Self-Love

Loving one’s self more is not an option; it is imperative. Archangel Chamuel’s reminder is to love yourself from the inside out. With this beauty hanging in any space that gentle reminder is always there to tend to you first and foremost.

Gabriel | Abundance

Who doesn't wish to be more abundant in many areas of their life? By focusing on what is already at hand to be thankful for, one can allow more riches to enter, as they desire, and deserve.

Haniel | Manifestation

Wish to live life more fully? Become a Manifesting Magnet, with Archangel Haniel's assistance, to create your heavenly desires here on Earth.

Metatron | Motivation

Want to increase your motivation to do great things? Allow Archangel Metatron to inspire you to higher energy levels and provide the oomph to see it through.

Michael | Protection

Want to feel more protected? Archangel Michael is your go-to angel, and this Sun Drop is just the ticket for that sparkly reminder that he is indeed with you!

Raphael | Healing

Send healing energies to all with this gentle, loving reminder. Perfect for any healing space; massage room, doctor's office, energy practitioner, spa and more!

Raziel | Intuition

Want to make sure your intuition is 'spot on'? Hang Archangel Raziel's Sun Drop and focus on the its message of brilliant intuition . . . that's it!

Sandalphon | Grounding

Need to feel more grounded? Sandalphon is the angel to help you feel more connected and allow your inner self rise to the surface!

Zadkiel | Sacred

Do you have a personal space that you want to keep sacred? Mark it with a Zadkiel sun drop and let his clearing energies help you, no matter what your purpose.

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