The Break Up with Clutter Program
The Break Up with Clutter Program
The Break Up with Clutter Program
The Break Up with Clutter Program
The Break Up with Clutter Program
The Break Up with Clutter Program

The Break Up with Clutter Program

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Do you have a bit of clutter in your life? Who doesn't these days! With the best of intentions, it never seems to leave, does it? It seems to move from room to room and, at times, multiply!

Are you ready to clear the clutter from your sacred space that will ultimately offer clearer thinking, more motivation, and, yes, allow you to manifest your desires with greater ease? Let's face it, books just don't cut it, do they? I've done that dance, order a book, forget I ordered the book, the book shows up and then gathers dust. Taking a weekend Zoom class doesn't quite get you motivated either, does it? You're all juiced up after class, and then... ahhh, life seems to sink back in, and clutter is still staring at you in the face. UGG!

It's frustrating. I've worked with countless clients over the years and have learned a thing or two about Clutter Clearing. Things like:

  • Why do you wish to get rid of clutter?
  • Clutter affects your moods, worthiness barometer, manifesting prowess, health, and so much more.
  • Each area of your home oversees an aspect of your life.
  • How to start;
  • Have you ever meditated with a room? Now is your chance!
  • Where to donate, throw out, sell, and at times re-gift.
  • Set obtainable goals.
  • How to organize and re-establish your relationship with the room, including some decorating tips!

Sound intriguing?

Let's get started. Know you want this and need to read no further? 


Your Eight Module Course consists of videos, downloadable PDFs, and step by step guidelines to get you started. We don't even begin the actual clutter clearing until Module Four! Why is that? You must better understand how clutter can and often affects your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. Isn't it frustrating to be told to do something and not understand the whys? 

I think so too. 

As a Founder of this newly released life-changing course, you are getting in on the ground floor and are receiving the ground floor pricing! 

The full price for 2021 is $997. However, for a limited time, the price is $698! That's almost three hundred dollars less for the full-on course, which is sure to go up in 2022. 

Desire a payment plan? We've got you covered as well. Make two easy payments of $380, and start as soon as your first payment is complete and cleared.

I promise you that getting rid of the clutter is a game-changer if you are tired and wish to thrive in life. 


If you are ready to clear the crap and clutter from your life, CLICK HERE, and you will arrive at our membership site. Signing up for the site is FREE. Once you create an account, you will see in the upper left corner My Courses. Click on that box, and you will see the only course offered at this moment; The Break Up With Clutter Program. You will then get a glimpse of the modules before purchase. 

You cannot purchase the course here, click here, and you will magically arrive in the proper location.