The Empowered Heart Private Session
The Empowered Heart Private Session
The Empowered Heart Private Session
The Empowered Heart Private Session
The Empowered Heart Private Session
The Empowered Heart Private Session

The Empowered Heart Private Session

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I have questions for you:

Are you willing and ready to:

  • Live life on your terms?
  • Experience the dreamiest of lives because it has been designed by YOU?
  • Not settle a moment longer?
  • Know the next steps that you can take to do have all of this and more?

I bet you are. Who wouldn’t desire those things and more?

I bet you can envision that life, perhaps even taste that sweet nectar of WOW I'm here.

You are so magical, but do you find yourself wondering why it isn’t happening?

As you most likely know by now, I channel The Magdalene. It’s her greatest desire to help you achieve this and more. She comes through me because she loves you and wants to assist you and I would love to have that happen, for you as well.


The Magdalene is:

Above all, she is Loving. 


Some clients share:

I'll admit, I WAS nervous! She is so loving and wise I was put at ease right away.

WOW, Christine, you have such a gift. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU

She spoke with a calm purpose. She was forthright and diligent. She had answers to all the questions I had. She is no-nonsense as well as captivating. She put to rest all my doubts about my plans and what is before me. All that I previously learned of her was wrong. For those with eyes to see. 

If you ever had any reservations about Christine Alexandria and her connection to Mary Magdalene, I can tell you for 1000%, it’s all genuine, just like Christine.

This one-hour private time with her allows you to ask questions, receive answers and insights that are just for you. 

I'm simply the conduit. I step out of the way as she enters to deliver the exact message you need to receive so you know the steps to take next. 

Once a session is over, clients share with me what The Magdalene said during our time and I have no recollection. 

BE prepared with:

  • Questions!
  • Paper and Pen/Pencil - she has a tendency to talk quickly.
  • A Willingness to take charge of your life
  • An open heart to receive her magical and loving words


Are you willing to step forward to BE seen, heard, honored, and loved?

I hope so. Because It's your time.


More client testimonials:

I know the direction that I AM now going!

I am still in awe of the experience. If you do nothing else, gift yourself a reading with Mary Magdalene. It is truly life-affirming and for me life-changing.

Such easy steps to take! I know I can do this now. Thank you!

 The next step to live your dream life is just a click away and it’s right here, on this page. Once purchased, I will personally reach out and we will get you scheduled in.