The Limitless Program - Angel Chatter
The Limitless Time
The Limitless Program - Angel Chatter
The Limitless Time

The Limitless Time

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Imagine life a year from if you changed nothing. You would still be frustrated, walking in metaphorical and sometimes literal circles. You may even be on that gerbil wheel making good time but ultimately going nowhere.


Imagine your life if you took actionable steps towards living your dreams. Imagine if you have someone who is your consummate cheerleader. Someone to hold you accountable for your actions and inactions. Someone with whom you had regular biweekly calls. Can you imagine receiving channeled messages just for you regularly?

What would life BE like then? Would it feel Limitless?

If this idea and concept excite you, then we need to chat. The Limitless Program could be just the ticket to take you from meh to YAY!

Read on for more information.  

Remember, YOU are Limitless. YES, YOU.

It is time to say YOU and realize that you are truly limitless, ever-expanding, and it is time to thrive. The time of surviving is over. 

It's time to change your internal story, time to embrace more of your divinity, time to say YES... to YOU. Allow me to help you learn to listen to the angels, your guides, and The Magdalen, who are prodding you to stop settling for everyday existence and live life on your terms. Allow me to cheer you on for every goal met and exceeded. Allow me to not only support you but give you tools to help YOU get there. 

Much magic can happen in our time together! 

Throughout this program, which I can make available to only a few select clients, we will meet for 45 personally attuned sessions over A FULL YEAR! - 12 months! 52 Weeks! Get it? We get to work together to inspire and empower you. The number '45' represents saying YES to one's self and that you are prepared to make the necessary changes to open yourself to magnificent opportunities that present themselves and, most importantly, allow them to BE received. 

Why SO LONG? I have come to realize that the clients who experience the most extraordinary breakthroughs are those with whom I have worked for an extended period, usually three months at a time. Even so, they and I have learned that three months, as intense as it is, isn't long enough. They want and deserve more; they wish permanent shifts within their life.

We will dig deep and get to the root of what is bothering you, holding you back, keeping you from reaching your goals . . . and so much more. We get to dig deep to unveil more of the true you. Remember, you can still be a good girl and do all that your soul desires. 


The Limitless Program includes:

  • At least 45 hours of one-on-one time together. We meet at a regularly scheduled time and day of the week for the next 12 months. This planning allows us to maintain momentum while life happens; celebrations, vacations, illness, etc. We set up a schedule so we may chat at least twice a month. The time in between calls allowed for the information to marinade and absorbed. It offers ample time for you to enact any assignment provided by your guides before our next call.
  • Unlimited email access, perfect for those quick questions which can arise between sessions. A 24-hour response is typical with clients; weekends notwithstanding.
  • You will receive a 25% discount off all Angel Chatter merchandise purchased during your entire program period. Once enrolled, you will receive a personal discount code that can be applied on purchases of any sacred tools, products, books - well, you get the idea.

Is the Limitless Program for everyone? Of course not. It is offered for those ready to commit a minimum of two hours weekly and is prepared to say YES to themselves, for they know life is meant to be a thriving versus surviving scenario.

This all-inclusive package is specially priced at $18,700 and will be limited to only a small number of clients. This allows complete focus on you, your dreams, and your goals.

With all that, there's only one more question to ask: Will you say YES to YOU?


Some LOVE from Clients

I feel supported, empowered and held in the sacred space she holds for me. The angels are direct, and don't hold back. That's what love about working with Chris; she presents this counsel with great conviction, grace, and wit that fuels clarity and courage to be you, living from a place of pure love where you can do anything you desire. She is very accessible and gracious with her time. Also, her presence on her Facebook fan page Angel Chatter is so comforting and encouraging; it's a true sacred cyber space that I feel very connected to.
Our last session was extremely powerful. I was moved beyond words. I look forward to working with Christine more in the future, and the many more miracles that are in store and already unfolding. 
~ A. Olesky


You know it's hard to get thru all the kaka in ones life especially alone. Working with Christine Alexandria has been a gift i have been giving to myself. from first working with her at our various 'spirit fairs' to finally taking the financial plunge of a package. and I've just purchased my second set. i think Christine's own personal experiences in life and business, not to mention her angelic guidances, have helped me peel the many layers in my life to find the authentic Cathy. 
C. Kamsler