1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - The Angels Have Something to Say

Archangel Metatron mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

How often have you talked yourself out of something or into something?

Things like:

  • I don't need this cookie, as you stuff your face
  • need to sleep longer as you slam the alarm
  • I can't do that; too complicated
  • need to be....
  • I am so annoyed, angry right now... and then dive deeper into that energy.

'Fess up. Have you ever uttered any of these phrases or ones similar?

We have choices.

We have choices every single day to BE or not to BE - yep here we go again Mr. Shakespeare!

We can choose to BE active within our life or be the fire putter outer as life happens around us.

Since we are focusing on Metatron, The Angel of Motivation, this month, he has a few things to say. Keep reading if you wish to learn a quick tip or two, courtesy of Metatron.

Metatron has a few things to say:

If you haven't worked or chatted with Metatron before, get ready. He is a no-nonsense kind of guy and can call a spade a spade quicker than most. He is more in tune than Santa Claus; he does see everything and I mean everything! He wishes me to share a quick story to bring this in.

Years ago, I had a reading, and Metatron entered. He said one of the reasons I had trouble sleeping was, in fact, due to the relatively large stack of books on my nightstand! All sorts of various energies were coming at me while I attempted sleep and prevented me from sleeping and sleeping restfully.
I removed the books, and guess what? I began to sleep more deeply. To this day, I never have more than two books on my nightstand. Some habits are hard to break, but it's only two!

Back to his tutelage.

Every day you are given a choice.

  • Eat this, don't eat that
  • BE happy or BE in lower energy
  • Keep the pile or get rid of the pile

You can control many areas of your life. 

  • Thoughts
  • Actions
  • Inactions

It takes a bit of retraining, but it is very doable. Since Metatron was a human at one point in his existence, he understands the foibles of being human and how difficult it can BE to be in oneness with the universe, or dally with the perceived difficulty. However, he promises that if you call upon him, he will help you get out of your way so you may enjoy life more to the fullest.

Of course, it is up to you whether you call upon him and implement some simple tools to raise your vibration.

It's always up to you. 

Let's Get Started With a Tool

Let's start with food as an example. January is well underway, and most minds jump to some form of detoxing and improving food intake after the indulgences that the holidays typically bring forth.

You commit to eating better, yet chocolate, cookies, ice cream, whatever is your sugar of choice, beckons to you. You cave, rationalizing it's just one piece, one slice, one bowl.

As you well know, one piece leads to more pieces, slices, and bowls. Sugar is a drug. This is a truth; sugar is a drug. If you have a piece of sugary delight right now, at the same time tomorrow, you shall crave it again, and the cycle begins.

Instead of caving, try the method of counting. Counting via The Gang.


  • One Angel
  • Two Angels
  • Three Angels
  • Four Angels 
  • Five Angels

By counting upwards to five, you break the mind process screaming that you need the sugar. Of course you don't need it, but it's a strong drug that sugar. 

As you count, imagine five angels are now helping you kick this habit and helping you achieve your truest desires!

As you count upwards to five, feel The Gang enter.

  • Perhaps Michael is one of them; reminding you that you are protected to undertake this endeavor of eating healthier.
  • Perhaps Uriel enters to hold sacred space that you ARE safe to BE you. In this scenario, more svelte and toned.
  • Perhaps Chamuel enters to send waves and waves of love towards you so you LOVE on you more and can take proactive action to live as you desire to live.
  • Perhaps Haniel enters helping to open new horizons in manifesting.
  • Perhaps Metatron makes the last grand entrance to remind you of alternative options. Even if an option means clamping your mouth shut and not inhaling any food at the moment.

This is a powerful tool. As with most things handed down by Metatron and the rest of The Gang, do not underestimate or undervalue the power of simplicity. In fact, it is the power of simplicity that makes this a tool you can implement immediately and not have to dwell upon the next step.

You simply count upwards to five and permit them to guide and assist you.

That's it.

Seriously, and I DO know you can count to five.

How will counting help switch my thoughts?

By counting upwards to five, you focus on the number and the angels entering. This stops you from dwelling on the not-so-nice energy that was entering. By focusing on their grand and perhaps subtle entrance, you feel their support. You feel the LOVE. You feel the protection.

You feel yourself shifting and entering the moment of now. In this moment of NOW, there is nothing wrong. In this moment, all is indeed right with the world.

Certainly, things may have happened in the past, but it is the past.

Certainly, something may happen in the future, not to your liking, but that is the future and pretty much unknown.

At this very moment, there is nothing wrong.




Therefore, Metatron once again steps in to share:

When you are aware that you are dipping into energies that are unnerving and not serving you.


You have the awareness that this is not you.

Perhaps you are tired.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed (ahhh, this tool will help as well)


Since you are aware of this lower energy, you are also aware enough to shift it.

If possible, place your hands over your heart Little One. Count slowly to five. If you desire, consciously ask us to help you switch your energy upwards with each number. Breathe in the newness and higher energies.

Will this change the circumstances?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

What does change is your perception; and therefore how you respond changes.

This is a very important shift Little One.

It is subtle, but vital.

Vital in the sense you open not only your heart, but mind to other possibilities.

You open to other viewpoints.

You permit yourself to BE present with the entire universe not just those who think and act like you.

Humanity is at a precipice. Some have evolved and reside more in the Fifth Dimension, the one filled with Oneness, Love, Unity, Collaboration. While others are stuck in the Third Dimension; the one filled with hatred, bigotry, jealousy, and finger pointing.

I ask you one question:

What do YOU choose?

Let's Wrap This Up

As Metatron shared, we have choices. YOU have choices.

You may choose to do nothing, and that is your choice. You may stay in lower energies and submit yourself to fear and more.


You may choose to raise your vibration and therefore raise the vibration of others in your circle simply by BEing.

If you choose the latter, you may start to shift by counting. 

Your Call to Action

You have choices - think Metatron has made this abundantly clear. Start with the counting tool he has shared.

When you permit yourself to really stand up and BE true to you, consider this your invitation from the energy of the Fifth Dimension to join us in The BE You Program.

The goddesses who are participating in the group and staying in the room are undergoing life upgrades beyond their expectations. 

It's your turn.

It's your time.

It's for you.


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