In the ongoing endeavor to offer you to best we have to offer, that will assist you on your path, no matter the path you have chosen, courses shall be added once they meet our strict guidelines and of course approval. 

We now offer two!


The Angel Chatter Authorization Course. The first course of its kind that takes you on a minimum of an eight-month journey from within with over 13 haloed friends as your teacher. We start with the basics and offer you Big Mike, aka Archangel Michael giving you tools to better protect yourself in all of life's endeavors. We then work up the chakra system allowing you to BE not only better protected but grounded as you move forward. Based on previous students' feedback and personal lives, get ready to have your life take off as never before. 


The Break Up With Clutter Program.  Your course is filled with eight modules with 6-8 lessons within each module that offers videos and downloadable pdfs. You will better understand the whys; why it is best to clear the clutter, why your life may be stagnant in certain areas and why keeping your sacred space balanced in energy is vital to you thriving and manifesting life as desired. Please note this is a completely automated course that allows you to also work at your own pace.