What inspires your jewelry designs?

In a nutshell, inspiring others to live the life of their dreams. Each piece is created with that intention in mind during meditation. Our sterling silver jewelry line is produced in Los Angeles, California.

Do you use real crystals in your jewelry?

Angel Chatter only uses natural stones and crystals in its products. We never use synthetic, manmade stones in our designs. Crystals each have their own unique, healing energies, and have been chosen for specific pieces for their individual properties.

What about the Swarvorski Line?

Good catch! While these stones are certainly not nature made, they are made of the highest quality and are also charged with great energy to help you to fulfill your dreams.

Do you sell wholesale? Do collaborations?

Yes! Please visit our wholesale page for more information, and email us for our wholesale selection as well as pricing. If you are interested in collaborating with us, shoot us a note and let’s chat!

Can you design custom pieces?

Absolutely. If you’re interested in a custom Angel Chatter piece, please email us with your vision and we will work with you to make it a reality. 

How should I use the Archangel Oracle Cards?

Our Archangel Oracle Cards can provide greater insight and clarity into your life. You can consult them for a personal reading or even use them to perform a reading for a friend as often as you’d like. Some use their deck three to four times per day, while others consult them once a week or less. Only have time to pull one card a day? Great! Have more time or an issue in your life that requires more insight? Sounds good too. Let your heart guide you.

What are the symbols on the oracle cards?

These symbols are actually sigils and are exclusive to Angel Chatter. They were received during an evening of meditation and have since inspired our Angel Intention Medallions and Bracelets. The sigils also grace the labels of the Ritual Aromatherapy line. The deeper meaning of those symbols is explored further in Christine's most recent book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance.

What can I expect in an angel reading with Christine?

During an angel reading, Christine will “speak” to angels to provide greater insight into your life. When you enter a reading, you are in a “no judgment zone,” a sacred space of trust, love and empowerment. Get comfy and get ready to embrace life!

You will leave your reading empowered with simple, powerful tools to increase your energy, raise your self-esteem and feel capable to receive and live the life you desire and deserve.

Christine conducts readings for clients in person, over the phone, and by Skype.

How long do readings last?

Readings for clients last one hour. This length allows for plenty of time to dig deep into what you are hoping to achieve from your session. Client calls of the Empowerment and Limitless Program typically last 90 minutes.

I signed up for the newsletter but never got your email. What gives?

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