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Sacred Tools

Do you wish more sacred influence in your life? Hopefully so and with that intention in mind, all of Angel Chatter's sacred tools were born. 

Each tool within this collection can offer profound sacred influence in your life. Why? Simply because each product is infused with gentle and profound energies that can be shared, displayed and used in your sacred space.  

Our beloved Sun Drops; offer sacred influence through the angelic sigils that adorn the lead and nickel free pewter medal. With the angelic energy and glass beads that gently sway with a breeze sending out waves of angel intentions. 

Our newly released Crystal Sceptres. gently bring about a sense of sacred influence through meditation and joining the angel and crystal energy in your beverage of choice. Like the Crystal Sceptres? Consider getting a Personalized Sceptre made for yourself!

Our Moon Ritual Box. Talk about sacred influence! With focused intentions and using the energy of Auriel, the Lunar Angel and Luna herself, you can become more empowered in your manifesting abilities.  

BE you. Enjoy the journey and prepare to shine.