About Christine Alexandria

Christine Alexandria/Dream Activator

If you are new to my world, WELCOME!

If you have been with me for a while, THANK YOU.

Life is a wondrous journey, and sometimes, it can take a while to remember our truths. It can take a while because we've been compartmentalized, programmed, and well, you know, the drill; we were trained how to act, what we had to achieve, and how to live in order to be successful, and so on.

In the process, we forgot. We forgot our essence, what makes us sparkle. We even forgot our dreams.

This includes me. I've had coaches try to put me in a box as a relationship coach.


They put me there because that is what they knew and were comfortable with. They were not comfortable with someone who danced with magical beings, was a creator of rituals, and channeled those who walked in the Light. I will never put you in a box and I rarely say never, but that is how strongly I feel about this.

Because of their notions and pre-conceived ideas, it took me years to come to understand and own that:

I AM A Dream Activator.

I activate your dreams and help you make them a reality. When your dreams, ideas, and concepts keep returning to you, it is part of your soul's plan. It is why you daydream about a different kind of life; one that is perhaps debt-free, living with another who supports and Loves you for you, not their hallmark version. I can and do help activate your wealth channel, your romance channel, and your joy channel. There has yet to be an aspect of life that clients and I haven't touched.

We innately know that when we follow our path, it doesn't matter what another does for a living, the car they drive, or the home they live in. We honor diversity, and that includes ice cream (just making sure you are still reading 😉 )


Your dreams deserve to be born. YOU deserve to live your dream life. You deserve all you desire.

I can and do help women (and some men) across the world do just that.

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I wish you a wondrous day and the knowing YOU are amazing.

Every product offered here and through, The Angel Chatter Academy, exist to assist you along your path. Contact me if unsure what is the best way to start.

Until we connect, place your hands over your heart and repeat: