About Christine Alexandria


Christine Alexandria - Angel Chatter

I have many beliefs.

I believe each soul who walks the earth has a gift. This gift, when expressed, fills the hole in their soul, and they become unstoppable. 

This includes you. YOUR light, your gift, is destined to shine brighter and be shared. It becomes a beacon for others to follow their dreams, no matter what you do. 

It doesn't matter what your gift is; bookkeeping, art, channeling the divine, or plumbing. Your light deserves to shine brightly and BE honored. 

That is what I LOVE doing; igniting your light as you remember your true essence. Take a breath now; I ask you to remember, if unsure of your gift. This gift has called to you over your lifetime. 

I’m a psychic intuitive, clear channel, and I’ve been talking to angels and my other guides since a babe in the crib when Archangel Ariel, whom I called Pinky, would fill me with stories, and memories that would slowly emerge as I aged. 

I firmly believe we each have a purpose as we walk the Earth; to take care of Gaia, to BE our most authentic selves and to BE a source of Love. 

Not the Love that comes from cards, a box of chocolates, or other tokens, but of Love that is non-judgmental, inspiring, and empowering. 

When we lean into this energy, we become ONE. Not only with each other, but with the universe. When we embrace this energy, collaboration rules and competitiveness wanes. When Love rules, you shine the light you are designed to shine. 

You matter and your gifts deserve to Be shared. 

That is my mission; to help you shine and to do so unabashedly.

As your light shines more brightly, so does mine. We shine brighter together.

Let us begin the process. 

Every product offered here and through, The Angel Chatter Academy, exist to assist you along your path. Contact me if unsure what is the best way to start.

Until we connect, place your hands over your heart and repeat: