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About Christine Alexandria, Transformational Coach

Allow me to tell you my story. I love stories and I hope this sharing of my life will encourage and empower you to BE.

My cognitive goddess journey started when I six/seven years old. I was in my bedroom playing with friends. We were spread about the room playing something and talking. Every time they would say a fact or statement, I responded with ‘I know.’ This apparently happened a lot to the point they finally asked me ‘How do you know?’ At that moment, that very moment I knew I was different. Not everybody knew.


I created the story that I was weird. My gifts shut down in that nano-second. In that moment, my story became one of desiring to BE a Good Girl. Doing what was expected, required and at times demanded of me. I wanted to be liked, loved and respected. I did stupid teenage stuff in hopes I would have friends. I become the ultimate people pleaser. From that point on that was my goal.

To please people, to get approval from everybody even if it meant losing me in the process.

Life goes on. I marry an amazing guy; going on 35+ years, we have children, we move… a lot and so on. All the while the Good Girl People Pleaser Award goes to me and yet I still don’t fit in!

Fast forward a few years; our eldest is now in high school and one day she approaches me and asks:

Mom, what are you going to do with your life when we’re gone? You know we aren’t going to live with you forever.

Out of the mouthes of babes.

To rub salt in the wound, four friends dump me in the course of two weeks! Did I do anything wrong? No, remember, I AM a Good Girl People Pleaser. I went into the depths of my despair; I cried, whined, wined and so on. After one year of this nonsense, ENOUGH I said to myself. I stopped the gerbil wheel, got off and began cautiously marching to my own tune.

Because I AM intuitive, the angels entered wings fully loaded and expanded. They embraced me. They hounded me. They loved me for me! That is a new concept; love me for me… you see, the story was allll in my head. My parents, grandparents, siblings, children, friends and my amazing husband DO love me for me. I didn’t have to prove a thing. I could BE ME! At that moment, my shoulders relaxed, I could breathe deeper, my eyes relaxed and my third eye opened like never before. I don’t need to pretend to BE somebody else in order to BE liked or loved or recognized or anything. I AM free to be me!

That is when I truly owned my empathic gifts. That is when I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I AM intuitive, I DO chat with angels, and more, and I AM here to help transform millions of Good Girls to BE themselves. Transform and help them to heal. Transform them thus allowing them to soar. Why? I LOVE helping women love themselves MORE so they can be the smartass, courageous, amazing awesome goddess they are meant to BE...

I learned that by learning to Love myself more, each step forward becomes easier, more empowering and fun!

Are you ready to say YES to you? If so, let's chat.