About Christine Alexandria

Goddess ~Christine Alexandria - Angel Chatter

Permit me to re-introduce myself.

I AM Christine Alexandria. I channel Divine energies such as The Magdalene and the angelic realm. Together we help heal ancient feminine trauma that empowers you to BE the goddess you are destined to BE.

Like you, my life has been a journey! At times joyous while embracing the energy that all is right with the world.

At other times, it’s been painful and I curl up in that proverbial ball and wish it would just go away.

It just doesn’t go away. Never has, never will.

It is only when you engage someone who is honest and trustworthy do you allow yourself to relax into true receivership for messages, inspirations, and rituals. 

It’s when you are with a fellow goddess who can hold sacred space for you as you take another step along your chosen path. She can easily hold space for you for she has walked the path before you and learned what works while slaying the weeds that can hold you back. 

It’s only when you permit yourself to BE vulnerable can love enter and raise you to heights never experienced. Before you know it, you begin to soar!

This is a sacred journey and one that cannot be fixed in a single session or a day. This is YOU; the most exquisite flower in the universe taking her time to blossom into her truest essence. This is YOU, the exquisite flower in her bud stage; ready to share her beauty and essence with the universe. 

Are you ready to walk this walk? To walk your path with greater grace, love, confidence, humor not only for others, but for self?

You simply need someone to hold space for you as you implement and integrate sacred rituals into your daily life so you become stronger, empowered, and an inspiration to others to do the same.

If so, DM me for details. I’m here for you and help you walk this sacred path of The Divine Feminine.


So much love coming your way,