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About Christine Alexandria, Transformational Coach

Allow me to tell you my story. I love stories and I hope this sharing of my life will encourage and empower you to BE.


Yes, BE yourself.

I grew up in a fairly idyllic childhood on the Eastern Shore in Delaware. My parents, still married at 58 years and counting, loved the three of us and encouraged us to be strong and unique. I studied ballet from a master for over eleven years, was the captain of the flag squad in color guard, etc. Did all things expected as the eldest and designated good girl.

Flash forward many years; I married, still am married (yes to the same guy) and we have two amazing young women as one of the examples of our love. I was the Domestic Goddess, the Master Juggler (you know, cooking, cleaning scheduling, cleaning up litter boxes, driving said children to various after school activities, doing a variety of things to keep it ‘special’ and create memories.) Things similar to you, attempting to BE the ultimate People Pleaser and good girl and BE satisfied with it all.

It was about the time our daughters were starting to pull away from the proverbial apron strings that I began to feel empty.

Empty inside. Not knowing where to turn for fulfillment. Thankfully around that time the angelic realm announced themselves to me. Or rather reminded me of our connection to each other. It was through their love and insistence that I grew. I grew back into BEing me. Honestly it is still a work in progress, as it is for all of us.

I dug deep. I cried. I listened. I had friends dump me (was growing away from them anyways), I felt lonely, still wanting to be the good girl and people pleaser, but knowing it wasn’t serving me. You know all that stuff that can contribute to the Whiny Parade. I did whine, drank wine and whined some more. Obviously that did not fulfill the yearnings.

Classes were taken with my husband asking constantly what was I to do with this knowledge. My answer? Dunno. These are affectionately called The Dunno Years, for I really didn’t know where I was going and what I was to do.

After much marinading and morphing and even birthings, it comes down to a succinct passion:

I LOVE helping women remember:
Remember who they are
Remember their joy
Remember their sexiness
Remember their passion
Remember their power.


I do this through listening, helping you dig deep (shovels gladly provided if necessary), offer support, tools and more. Yes, the angels are still part of the package, as well as my empathic side and all my various trainings that can help cut through the, ahem, nonsense, quicker all geared to help you BE.

Remember, Good Girls Can BE powerful too.

BE you.

Below are my current 'babies'

Gabi, the YogiDoodle

Linus and Schroeder - the Alphas of the house