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About Christine Alexandria

Thank you so much for joining us! My mission in life is to help you become more inspired and empowered in your life. I can think of only one 'should' and that is:

You Should Have Life On Your Terms.

You are now officially invited to join me and thousands of other Chatterers across the globe in sacred space on Facebook. The group, Angel Chatter, is closed which simply means what is said and shared in Chatter Stays in Chatter. Many have become dear friends. You must ask to join, but I'm sure the angels will admit you!

All of my exclusive products support the mission of inspiration and empowerment as will having a personal reading with me. Each reading is focused on you and you alone; helping you to unveil more of your brilliance, power, joy and yes even love.

With that in mind, remember,



YOU are loved always and in all ways.


To read more a bit about me ~

Christine Alexandria is a highly sought after Angel Intuitive, award-winning inspirational author and founder of Angel Chatter™.

Christine had an idyllic childhood, but marched to an unusual drummer spearheaded by the winged and haloed gang that followed her. She was frequently asked by her friends how could she know so much? At that point she realized she was different than others. Like many, she desired to be liked, fit in, and be accepted as normal; as a result, she turned off her gift of sight and communication with the Angelic realm.

Once she became a mother, Christine began to chat in earnest with the Angels once more; being a ferocious momma bear, she wanted to know her children were guided and protected at all times.

As Christine began to get comfortable with her gifts, she grappled with her business name. Her eldest daughter said “Mom you chat with Angels”, your business name is “Angel Chatter”.  She then returned with a design, that is now her company logo, minutes later and Angel Chatter  was born.  

Christine’s first product is the  Angel Chatter Oracle Card Deck --a 44 -Card Deck with Guide Book which she wrote within two weeks with great assistance from the arch angels. Approximately one year later she received from each of the 14 archangels  that are present in the oracle deck, a angelic symbol. These symbols are known to strengthen the connection to that specific angel and their calling. The deck was received with open wings across the globe and quickly spawned into a full line of products infused with angelic energy and charged with their frequency for earth angels wishing to live life more on their terms. To support the empowering angel’s messages beyond the deck, Christine developed angelic medallions, an aromatherapy line including candles, sacred misters, roll ons as well as a workbook for those wishing to take the angelic knowledge deeper.

Christine has also a growing line of jewelry made in the USA all born with the intention to inspire and empower the wearer. The natural crystals are part of the aromatherapy line as each is embedded in individual products as well as adornment on the jewelry.

Christine’s first book was Have You Ever Wondered About Angels? It was the recipient of the 2013 Mom’s Choice Award for Bedtime stories. Her latest book, Askfirmations  is an inspirational gift book that makes affirmations, more effective by using powerful questions.

Christine is a frequent radio guest on shows across the county. She enjoys speaking to live audiences about all things angels. She is sought after for intuitive angelic readings, healing and coaching services. Chris is also certified in a variety of healing modalities including Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Soul Coaching® with Denise Linn and Archangel Enlightenment Therapy and many more.

Christine currently lives on a barrier island on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with her husband of over 30 years, two cats that think they are lions and Gabi, the Yogi Goldendoodle.