Who doesn't LOVE pure aromatherapy oils?  

I'm no different. I detest synthetic scents and have been known to walk down cleaning aisles in grocery stores covering my nose. I AM, therefore, so pleased to share with you our entire aromatherapy collection that is born from pure essential oils only! 

Why? Simply because my mission is to inspire and empower YOU and this fantastic combo does just that. 

Each product in the aromatherapy line has these attributes:
  • Natural crystals are used in the angelic aromatherapy line to uplift energy. 

  • Only pure aromatherapy oils are used in the angelic and goddess line. No alcohol is ever used; did you know that alcohol can distort the scent AND energy over time?
  • Only the best is good enough for you and our oils are purchased based on the best quality; across the world.
  • Only kosher soy wax is used in our candles. Kosher soy wax offers a clean burn and can be used as a soothing lotion on your body. We recommend avoiding the face; the skin is more sensitive than other parts of our body. 

  • The candles are lit via a cotton wick. This lowers the carbon footprint and keeps your space sacred. 

 Lastly, our sacred misters and droppers are diluted only with distilled water and almond oil; this also contributes to keeping the energy pure and the scent clean.

You deserve the best and therefore we only use the best.

Thank you Angel Goddess Christine Alexandria! I absolutely swear (the Dowager Countess would not approve ;) ) by the Angel Element Ritual Misters…Did my taxes online and beforehand was anxious and concerned, as I hadn't has as much ‘extra’ deducted last year since I needed every singly penny every month. Misted ‘Abundance’ around moi, ye olde desktop, the room, the apartment, you get the picture. Really thought that I’d either have to pay more again or best case, break-even…Gabriel came through big time: Getting a bit more in a refund! The next day, a cousin sent me a St. Pat’s card (she’s NEVER done this before!) Plus $20! Many, many examples of the Archangels’ showing up and doing amazing, beautiful things… Zadkiel has swept out all kinds of gunky energy from forgotten corners of closets, etc. Chamuel has been doing ‘makeovers’ on my behalf on myriad levels (I can just see her with an enormous salon with big, fluffy pillows, a buffet table, soft music…) LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful Angel Chatter products. ~ Raleigh