Pure Aromatherapy Oils | Angel Chatter Aromatherapy Products


Who doesn't LOVE pure aromatherapy oils being infused into their daily life?  

I'm no different. I detest synthetic scents and have been known to walk down cleaning aisles in grocery stores covering my nose. I AM, therefore, giddy with the combination of aromatherapy oils, crystals and let's not forget the angelic infusion! This dynamic power triple punch has been known to make folks smile, their hearts expand and begin to truly understand that they are indeed worthy of all their desire.

Can you say SHAZAM? 

That's the kind of energy and quality that goes into all of our aromatherapy products; The Angel Intention Ritual Candles, The Angel Intention Ritual Misters and our latest addition, The Angel Intention Ritual Droppers. That's right, only pure aromatherapy oils and natural crystals infuse every single one of our aromatherapy products. Why? Simply because my mission is to inspire and empower YOU and this fantastic combo does just that. 

The aromatherapy oil collection is no different:

* Only pure aromatherapy oils. There is not a drop of alcohol to be found; did you know that alcohol can distort the scent AND energy over time? Knowing that one size never truly fits all, we do not use one source/company for the aromatherapy oils. The world has been searched and we only purchased the best quality.

* Only genuine crystals are used. Crystals help to uplift the energy of each product.

*Only kosher soy wax is used in our candles; it can be used as a soothing lotion while the wax is melting. Yes, really. We recommend avoiding the face; the skin is more sensitive there than other parts of our body. 

* Only a cotton wick for our candles; this offers a cleaner burn. 

 Lastly, our sacred misters and droppes are diluted only with distilled water and almond oil; this also contributes to keeping the energy pure and the scent clean.

You deserve the best and therefore we only use the best.