Sacred Ritual Candles

Sacred Ritual candles hand-poured with love since 2009 by a fellow
goddess-preneur company.
Using ancient rituals blended with modern tools to create a powerful luxury candle that raises the bar of angelic power.  


Each Angel Ritual Candle holds within it great angelic power that is crystal infused. The Goddess Candles stand alone on the sigil's power alone. 

Both sacred aromatherapy candle lines from Angel Chatter are held to the highest of standards with common attributes:

  • Kosher Soy Wax. Kosher soy wax offers a clean burn to lessen our carbon footprint and may be used for a soothing lotion on your physical body. We recommend from the neck down for the lotion as our faces tend to be more sensitive.
  • Pure Essential Oils. No synthetic products! We know that one source cannot be the best for all oils. Therefore, we have searched the world over for the best, for that is what you deserve.
  • Charged by channeled sigils. Whether it is the angelic line or the goddess line, all labels are adorned by the sigil channeled by Christine to empower you as your sacred space shifts into higher energy.
  • Cotton Wicks. To assist in creating the perfect burn for your candle while lessening the carbon footprint we put out into the world.