My Commitments


Dearest ~ 

I AM committed to the following:
  • My family 
  • World Peace - remembering it starts within and how I show up Every. Single. Day.
  • My health and those around me. Health includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • Loving my imperfections and helping others to do the same.
Those are some of my commitments, but my promise to you includes the following:
  • Holding sacred space so you Soar
  • Helping you to transform and live your magical life
  • Helping you remember your Sparkle Zone
  • Helping you to heal past and ancient traumas
  • Helping you to remember
  • BEing of service to you
  • Inspiring you to transform on all levels
  • Offer rituals and practices so that you can excel in your personal, professional, and social life
I help you do this by:
  • Show up daily and BE my best. On those days I’m not feeling it, I become a hermit. Trust me; this benefits you
  • Allowing new ideas and concepts to enter. Pick up what resonates and leave the rest for another to embrace
  • BEing endlessly curious
  • Embracing Joy and encouraging you to do the same
  • Embracing Love and reminding you to LOVE yourself first
  • Embracing that I am also perfectly imperfect, I can always do and BE better while I hold up the mirror for you.
  • Volunteering at local organizations
Here’s what you may not know about me:
I despise selling, I do, and pretty sure I instead suck at it. I feel like an oily used-car salesperson. We had one of those in our family, and yuck. Talk about a pit in my stomach! 
But here’s the magic in what I AM offering. Each offer is an act of service. Everything presented to you through me exists for your empowering transformational journey.
  • Books
  • Courses
  • Sacred Jewelry
  • Sacred Aromatherapy
  • Channeled Oracle Decks
  • Working privately with you
    • Individual Sessions
    • Angel In My Pocket
    • Mentoring
    • VIG Weekends
    • Roadmap
It’s up to you to receive the spark your guides, The Gang and The Magdalene, offer you. With gentleness, and at times not so gently, they are guiding you and helping you to navigate this thing called life and experience the life you desire and deserve.
I AM Committed.
What are your commitments? I would love to know of yours. Take your time and permit yourself to BE a bit vulnerable in remembering what is important to you.

Sending you great Love,