Client Love For Christine Alexandria

These client testimonials for Christine Alexandria offer a glimpse into the profound ways her work and products impact and heal people's lives quickly & easily.


Christine has been an invaluable asset to me in helping me to understand my past and how it relates to what is to come. Thank you, Christine Alexandria. Namaste’ Cathy Kamsler Cathy’s Corner LLC 


Working with Christine Alexandria can be compared to having the angels as your life coach. It was due to working with her that I discovered my passion and soul purpose; connecting guardian angels with their one. I was resistant, but she kept offering a safe haven for me to dig deep. If you are ready to move forward in your life, I highly recommend scheduling your first session in the form of her mentor package or private weekend offering.

~Barbara Civin 


Christine Alexandria finding her was the best thing that ever happened to me. For she has helped me find who I am and what my gifts are. She has helped me to stand in my power, be me and to be seen. I call myself blessed to know and to learn from her. I am lucky to know this incredibly gifted woman. I am blessed to be able to call her a friend. 


I would like to tell you about my reading with Chris Alexandria. I have had readings in the past. Different kinds of readings. But I have to say the one that has resonated the most for me was the one I recently had with Chris.

I reached a point in my life where I felt I had no focus, no drive, and very apathetic. The things that I wanted in my life seem so far away. It made me feel that I had no direction. There was a frustration and anxiety in me, I felt I couldn’t shake.

Then I had my reading... it was pretty incredible. I saw my life so differently. For the first time, I honestly felt good. And good in a sense of a giddiness came over me. Chris gave me a perspective and a sense of knowing of what I needed and deserve. It was awinspiring. But most of all I felt empowered. She is very intuned with the angels and their message. Her approachable technique in communicating is comforting as well as familiar. Her abilty is uncanny and as being as fortright as she is, she also speaks from the heart. I felt that she was speaking to me not only as an intuitive but also to a friend. She’s is truly gifted.

If someone I knew or didn’t know was seeking clarity in their lives. I would definitely recommend them in having a session with Chris.

Isabella Campopiano


Chris is a gift. The instruction that she offers opens doors to a world that is already there waiting for us, but not always visible from where we currently are. Chris taught me to open those doors through better listening and comprehension. Listening better to the messages, the help and the hope that are all around me and the comprehension of what those messages can do for making my life more joyful — everyday living a love instead of a trial. I can’t say enough about what I know she can help you see in yourself.

Karena Lineback, Owner, Pilates Teck


First and foremost, Chris is an angel to me; a friend and a coach. I knew I had gifts before talking to Chris but didn’t know how to bring them out. 

Chris teaches the importance of loving oneself. Once I got a handle on loving myself, my dormant gifts awoke from their slumber. The love vibration is most strong and when it vibrated my gifts, everything in my life immediately got better. The encouragement and love she gives me has made my self-confidence radiate like the sun when before it was like the dark side of the moon. Chris guided me and held my hand when I needed spiritual guidance the most. When I needed her, she was there for me. If you are reading this then you have found the right spiritual coach, Chris Alexandria. 

Mary Amundsen


Chris Alexandria has the gift of getting to the root of a problem. Through her ability to see the truth in a situation, she offers gentle, yet valuable insight that comes from the heart that can help anyone through a challenge or obstacle. I believe Chris IS IN touch with The Other Side, with the truth, and where all things are possible. Thank you Chris! You helped me a great deal.

Ginger Boyd,



I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Chris Alexandria since 1999. I have watched her transform into an incredibly powerful intuitive, healer, energy worker and teacher. She has depth, integrity, warmth and compassion. Chris is a powerful teacher with a gift for honoring each individual. She has the ability to tap into clear and accurate divine guidance when giving personal readings.

Chris teaches with authority, personal examples and humor. A light worker of the highest caliber, who “walks her talk” and is committed to following her life path, she will help you discover your own unique gifts and divine mission. She is generous with her time and knowledge, an inspiration to all she works with.

May you be blessed with the opportunity to experience a workshop or private session with this beautiful soul and dear friend.

Mary K. Stewart



When working with Chris she told me that we could take things slowly or just “blow through it all and really find me a job that I really loved and with people that really adored me.” I thought to myself, "I don’t think she really knows what my field is like.” Then I got the unexpected interview where my boss was captivated with me, hugged me and made it very clear that she thought I was incredibly special. I thought that great things like this only happen to other people. Thanks Chris.



Chris has a gift that most people would say is amazing. She has the ability to look right into your soul and kiss your wounds. Time spent with Chris is therapeutic, insightful, healing and relaxing. If you are lucky enough to be in her company open your heart and listen. She is wise and compassionate. The world needs more Chris’; she is one special lady and inspired and gifted teacher.

Jeri Seratti-Goldman, KHTS – AM 1220


I have worked with Chris Alexandria for over a year. She has helped me gain clarity in many aspects of my life and also motivated me in unimaginable ways with her insightful outlook. Without her calm, methodical approach many of the crossroads in my life would have been very overwhelming. Her company, Angel Chatter offers many different services but Chris’ one on one coaching is by far the best service she has offered me. She is always there when I need her and I highly recommend her and her company for anyone who is needing guidance, clarity or direction in their life.

Amanda Gates, Gates Interior Design