2021 and Your Relationships

2021 and Your Relationships - Angel Chatter

As the year that will go down in history books that changed the course of humankind, many have reached out regarding relationships.

* Relationships regarding LOVE

* Relationships with friends

* Relationships with pretty much anything; food, health, wealth and more

Why more now than years previous?

We had large chunks of time to reflect, ponder and own up to what is in our personal life. Remembering that we are the cog that holds it together and if we aren't pleased with outcomes, we've only to go look in the mirror to remind ourselves how powerful we are.

Whether we like it or not. 

What Kind of Relationship Do you Desire or More Importantly, Deserve?

Don't know about you, but I find relationships that constantly challenge me, or that are argumentative and downright draining not very empowering. Can we agree on that?

However, one must note that even great relationships can be challenging. Why? They hold up a mirror to reflect your greatness, beauty, intellect and of course LOVE. They naturally challenge you to shine more of you vs. hiding. They challenge you to speak via LOVE. I prefer that kind of challenge vs. the one that has me defending myself or scampering to a corner for safety.

It doesn't matter if it is a long term relationship or one just formed, there is a sense of kindred spirits, community a relaxing energy that doesn't have you on pins and needles and worried about what to say, or not say. 

A great relationship has your back. They cheer you on like a crazy person, especially when you think you can't. They push you out of your comfort zone of complacency and shine the light on those desires to help motivate you along your path. 

They plant seeds. Seeds of remembering. Seeds of yearning. Seeds to empower you. 

Isn't it time you do have relationships challenge you for they hold up that beautiful mirror to remind you how amazing you are? They remind you by loving on you, sharing the day to day of life with you, cheer you on like a crazy person and are just simply fun to have around. 

There is a give and take. Nobody is ever and constantly in charge. There are some days you are carried energetically and other days you get to carry. There is a balance. However nobody is keeping a tick sheet of who has done the most carrying. 

It's never a competition Dear One. Never. 

This is the kind of relationship you don't deserve

First and foremost NOBODY deserves a relationship that has one feeling less than. 


Nobody deserves headaches or drained energy after any interaction. 

Nobody deserves to BE the carrier all the time. 

Nobody deserves to have fear instilled, anger as a motivator, or revenge to prompt. That is not a balanced relationship; it is a hierarchy. 

Nobody deserves to be Johnny Appleseed handing out seeds with no fruit in the offering. 

Nobody deserves being ignored. 

Nobody deserves to walk around on eggshells for fear of retribution in some form. 


Can we agree on that?

What Can YOU Do to Nurture A Great Relationship?

One must start within to nurture any great relationship. One must be kind to themselves. 

One must be willing to own that they too are perfectly imperfect. 

One must be willing to own that everyone has a bad day once in a while, including themselves. 

One must BE willing to LOVE. Remember, LOVE has no restrictions, demands or plans to improve. Love is LOVE. No conditions. The moment conditions are laid down, it no longer is love, pure and simple. This includes the LOVE you give to yourself. NO conditions, NO bargains, NO demands. You LOVE you for, well YOU. 

One can spend more time alone to remember their dreams, goals, desires. One can BE active in groups that truly have like-minded people (keeping in mind that these people instill empowering energies, not debilitating ones).

One can take courses that intrigue them (I did this for years all by my lonesome for I knew at some level that current galley of friends weren't for a lifetime and a switch was required). Take courses for growth. Read books not only for entertainment, but offer soul growth. 

One have have a coach/mentor to help them navigate the new waters with joy and empowering suggestions and tools. 

One can...


Every human on the planet is perfectly imperfect. 

Remember your imperfections does not mean owning them.

Everyone has innate power to BE.

Nobody is better than another. We are here collectively to lift up another. Sometimes by our presence; sitting with another, reaching out and checking on them is all that is required and needed. 

Remember your power.

We are here to share ourselves. Sometimes, true we are paid and paid handsomely for our gifts as to help another. Sometimes, in the moment, we offer that hand or more. Doing charitable works/acts is one of the quickest ways to uplift your soul and expand your horizons. 

Remember your gifts and soul's promise.

Remember, in the scheme of things, you and I, know nothing. In fact that was a mantra of mine for years. Unfortunately many took that statement as derogatory. It was never meant in that light. It signified that I only know a tiny morsel of all the information the Universe has to offer; therefore I am always open to learn more. 

Remember your humbleness. 

At the very core of it all, remember YOU and your essence.

Above all, remember, when we wish to experience that joy, LOVE, health, compassion, wealth and more that we all covet, it must start within. 






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