You Never Know...

The other week I posted a few rather poor pictures of our sunflowers just for fun because the crows were using them like dinner plates. It was sweet.  Nothing note-worthy.

So what makes me tell you all about it again?

It's the follow comment from a woman, MJ. She wrote:

I love driving by your sunflowers, I smile every time, u let me pick some once for my home....thank u

'Very sweet' I think and thank her for commenting and enjoying my gardens. She continues...

I remember that day fondly

Chris, because of that day I keep fresh flowers in my house every single weekend now....... Nothing like it

I respond:

WOW! how long has this been going on?

She responds:

long time

I truly have no recollection of this event. In fact, it's a rare year that we have sunflowers! I plant the seeds to give us 'quick' flowers on those years that the cannas have called it quits due to a previous harsh winter. The last time prior to this year? I'm thinking at least five years ago.

Just goes to show you that a seemingly innocuous act on your part, can make a major impact on another. Simply by being yourself others take note and you can and do have a lasting impression on them - for better or worse.

You never know...



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