Are You Relaxing or Fighting the Flow?

Are You Relaxing or Fighting the Flow? - Angel Chatter

It's a simple question, Are you Relaxing or Fighting the Flow, but not so simple to answer most of the time.

Do you feel the dilemma building just by attempting to honestly answer the question.

Do you feel the conversation between your heart and head commencing?

Your brain jumps in and says:

OF COURSE I'm relaxing in the flow!


Then your heart jumps in and says, 'Umm, excuse me, then why are you so uptight that 'it' hasn't happened yet?'

Therein lies the dilemma that comes from within your very cellular structure.

Let's dissect this to help you understand that a dance is ensuing from within that does involve both.

Fighting The Flow

Fighting the flow of the magic within your life dear Goddess isn't a conscious decision.

Of course it's not. 

Who would actively choose to fight the very thing they desire to manifest?


However, it goes deep this fighting response. Why?

We're are, believe it or not:

  • Afraid of change.
  • Afraid of failing.
  • Afraid we are being greedy.
  • Afraid that we are actually NOT worthy, no matter how much we desire it. 

It goes deep, very deep. 

BE honest, do any of those sentiments trigger you?

I'm shocked if you say no unequivocally. 

These deep-seated beliefs have been brought to by societal thinking, the mindsets of family and are handed down on a beautiful silver platter that nobody can see. 

It's time to switch that all up.

Place your hands over your heart and repeat after me:

Up until now I have allowed the outdated and untrue phrase __________________________________________

to dictate my life and how I manifest.

This small shift of 'up until now' can help you shift into magic saying 'no more will I succumb to it and I now proclaim I lovingly step into my power and therefore my deservedness and into the flow of magic. 

Stepping Into The Magic of Creating

Stepping into the magic of creating is a nuanced dance, but one well worth learning, playing in and mastering. 

It is stepping and embracing the flow of creation. 

Creation can BE:

  • The coveted contract
  • The desired LOVE of your life
  • The supreme health of self
  • The miracle of loving self deeply and profoundly

Once you step in and not only quickly proclaim this new level of energy and vibration dear Goddess, life will never be the same ol' same ol' again. 

Life becomes joyous, full of magical events such as chance meetings, impromptu outings that lead you to THE perfect ______.

All because you said YES to you and stood by that commitment to self.

It's that easy and can be that confusing; initially. 

No more.

NOW IS your time. 

Are you willing to say YES? Simply by being willing, breaks down the barriers and walls you've hidden behind. I know you are tired of hiding and are ready to BE seen, heard, recognized, and yes LOVED. 

I ask again:

Are you willing to say YES to you?

I hope so. 


You ARE magical.

You ARE incredible - yes you.

You ARE deserving of whatever you desire, from the soul.

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