As the Leaves Fall

As the Leaves Fall - Angel Chatter

Gabi and I were out for one of our daily walks this week. This was so needed for us both and walk we did; over five miles by the time we returned home. 

Why was this walk needed more than others? We haven't been able to do so due to weather. This has been an extremely wet spring, summer and fall for us here and when it finally dried out, the skeeters were only too happy to make us part of their thank you. Bottom line, we haven't had a proper get lost in the woods walk in many, many weeks.

This week was it! The weather was sublime especially for this time of year; warm with little or no humidity. We took full advantage of it and grabbed a big chunk of time to escape, find our equilibrium, gain clarity, not to mention exercise. It is a beautiful time for I've no cell service. It's just her and I meandering, taking photos, looking at the wildlife and simply BEing. We are blessed to live in an area where there is access to miles and miles of trails mere moments from our back door and it is a gift that is greatly appreciated daily in our home. 

As part of my walking ritual, I pose a question to The Gang (angels) prior to leaving our home. As this particular day there was nothing pressing in my mind I simply asked for clarity and a message to share with y'all.

Falling Leaves

The world over seems to rejoice in the beauty that fall can bring; nature offers fireworks in glorious colors for weeks on end. As you will see, we are just starting to turn the colors here, nothing truly noteworthy as far as the colors go, but there were messages!

As we sat to meditate (yes Gabi meditates and stands guard while I do) by the river, I noticed the leaves gently falling.

Falling every single time right side up. Leaves have a right side up? In this scenario, yes. The leaf is gently curled on one side; hence right side up

As each leaf gently landed on the water, it was always right side up.

What gives I asked... this is the message, I know... so share.

The Angels Message

You have noticed how the leaves are falling onto the water.
The falling is not a harsh process, but rather a very gentle floating energy,
Notice how each leaf lands on the water.
It is cupped up to face the heavens.
This is representative of when a human 'falls'
They may gently land
(or harshly depending how much they are fighting the process)
but they never fall flat.
They always fall with an energetic opening that faces the Heavens.
Why is this?
Why simply to allow more
to enter. 
Unfortunately there are times when a shift is required and you are afraid to do so in fear of no longer being recognized for whom you are. 
This is silly.
The change must occur in order for you to move forward
to not only complete your karmic mission,
but to engage with more souls that are in your tribe.
By falling, stumbling, etc. you hit a hiccup of sorts.
However, we never leave you there and you never fall flat. 
We are always there to cuddle you, to hold you tight
and to show you what is in store for you.
We support you as you open to the various possibilities that 
can and are in store for you.
Just look up and we are there.


The Pondering of Falling Leaves 

As Gabi and I continued to sit there, I pondered this message from the Angels and asked them how does this apply to all?

The more I pondered, the more clear it became that it does indeed apply to all; Good Girls included. Who hasn't wanted to break the mold or the perceived chains that bind them at some point in their life? I know I have. It can get frustrating when you know there is more, but can't seem to have that breakthrough for clarity or recognition or...

The more I pondered, I realized this message was and is profound for those that chose to heed its advice. 

Sometimes, for who really cares to admit that it is a must, one must have a hiccup per se in order to move forward with greater clarity of who they are, what they are here to do and why and with whom.

Shedding the old paradigms that can certainly constrain you is paramount for personal as well as spiritual growth. 

This is what I have done personally and let's face it, some of those hiccups were far from a hiccup; I fought it tooth and nail, but of course my soul prevailed of what was needed and I carried on.

I carried on to help others do the same with hopefully less trauma; but as I have learned, another's trauma is another's hiccup. We go through what is needed for us to go through in order to BE a better reflection of who we are destined to BE.

Join Me

Join me in saying YES to you. Let's work together, come for a private weekend and more. Say YES  to you... you cup runneth over and The Gang does indeed support you and is waiting to show you more.

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