Being The Light

I was told many years ago by someone to DIM my light.

You read that correctly, DIM my light.

Do you know what happened? I got triggered, and my light dimmed for a New York Minute.


It got stronger and refused to lower again. It must be the Jersey girl deep down within me—don't put me in a corner because I come out stronger.

My light is magical and shines upon you to make it a safe harbor to anchor your dreams and desires so you can throw out what has been weighing you down and float more confidently throughout life.

One of my magical gifts is that I can see within you what you are here to do in this life. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, life happened, and you began to get smaller, dimming your light so you could play it safe and slide on through. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what you are capable of experiencing in this life.

But it's true, you have so much to offer, experience, and Love.

But you became so very unhappy in the process because deep down, you know you are meant for bigger things. You know you are designed to thrive and be happy through life, not merely surviving paycheck to paycheck or one miserable relationship after another or another failed attempt at increasing your livelihood.

You began to say yes when you didn't really want to.

You said no when you didn't mean it.

You said this and more throughout your life, and, in the process, you forgot your magic.

Life became less magical and, at times, very lonely.

You became lonely because your light was just a glimmer, and others couldn't see or hear you anymore. So you learned to be quiet and exist.

Follow my light. Anchor in this harbor and feel safe. Know that your dreams are still there, itching to grow and blossom into reality.

Know that you are worthy to receive all that you desire.

Know that you are so very magical.

Dare to shine your light a bit brighter.

Until you feel comfortable doing so, book a session with me. I can help you release the burdens and fear you carry so you can be a safe harbor for another by shining your light.

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