As we continue to navigate what this new way of existence means, having long ago come to the terms that things won't go back to 'normal,' you may be feeling a bit more isolated. 

This is, unfortunately, is to be expected; however, you are not alone. 

There is much division globally now, to vaccinate or not vaccinate. For the record, I AM getting vaccinated. I haven't received a flu shot for decades, but this isn't the flu, now is it? To mask or not to mask (mask wearer here). Well, you get the idea.

As predicted almost a year ago, the pandemic has sent everyone to their energetic corner to think, ponder, reflect. You were sent to the corner whether you asked to be or not. 

You sat in the corner not to reflect to 'come out fighting,' but to reflect and come out shining.

More to Come

We are experiencing yet another new moon on February 11, amid Mercury in Retrograde. This retrograde pins a punch from technology mishaps to communication, lack thereof, and Dear Goddess, more reflecting and pondering. 

It is time to allow yourself to Belong. Belong to the universe. Belong to your glorious tribe of fellow goddesses who are ready to take her world by storm, even if her world is her immediate family. 

There is such beauty in our sacred community. There is ongoing support, illuminations, and more. 

Being part of a sacred community isn't just about having like-minded people share your beliefs right back at you. It isn't. It is an honest sharing of ideas comfortably to empower others, not to belittle. It is tooting another's horn and giving them the recognition they so deserve. It is about taking time out to listen and not jump ahead with resolutions. Sometimes you want to be heard.

That is part of belonging. 

Enter the Flowing Darkness

As the new moon is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, you are being prompted, with minimal effort, to BE. 

BE clear on what you desire and why. Oh, those blessed whys! On the surface, your why is clear. Keep digging and digging and asking and asking. Your true why will hit a nerve. Your true why may bring truth tears. Your true why will bring a smile to that beautiful face of yours. 

Whether you desire or know about it, this new moon is very pushy. VERY pushy. Luna, combined with Auriel's energy, is prompting you to set goals. Aim for those stars, dear Goddess! Auriel will gladly push you on a path to help you reach those goals, but remember, you must ask and say YES every day. 

Saying yes every day has you being proactive in some manner so you may achieve, live and embrace those goals. 

Every day, this is part of walking Grace. Believing in yourself and never taking no for an answer. 

This flowing darkness may push you in a corner. Allow the corner to present itself. Sit in that corner. Know the walls behind you are protecting all you hold dear. Sit in that corner and look at the world with fresh eyes. Rise above like an eagle to see the truths, the paths, the ideas, and more. 

The Energy of Black Moonstone

Black moonstone is the perfect stone during the new moon phases. Yes, there are plenty more stones that can assist with healing, manifestation, and more. For personal use at this moment, Auriel suggests black moonstone. 

Its energies work beautifully with the divine feminine. The black moonstone offers gentle healing and encourages you to let your intuitive gifts emerge and be recognized. 

You are forewarned due to its potent powers; black moonstone may prompt old hurts to come forward to be healed. Allow. This is a perfect time for the healing to commence consciously. Do not fight this healing any longer; it impedes you from living life as desired more than you may comprehend. Allow the energies of the divine feminine to rock you in the darkness and be healed. 


What You Can Do Now

Take advantage of the gentle darkness. Allow yourself to rest; resting offers excellent renewal. You have been busy for far too long. Do not be surprised that once you allow rest to be embraced if you become more tired. This is an indication that you are doing what is best for you. You have succeeded in operating and running on all cylinders to the point of exhaustion. Your body attempts to keep up, and once acknowledged, it rejoices and requires more rest.

Permit yourself to journal; it isn't busywork. Allow your dreams to come forward. Give your mind a rest and allow your soul to speak. Remember, a journal need not be a fancy book; spiral bound works just the same. If you don't have a journal but wish to start, grab from your stack of computer papers!

Read. There are countless ways to get your hands on a book; your public library, audio, and of course, purchase. Read a book to escape. Read a book to expand. Read a book that expands your horizons.

Enjoy the escape with a detox bath. You know by now that I do love my baths. Hot water, Epsom salts, luxurious bubbles all sprinkled with some angel ritual oils, and when I feel more indulgent, an angel candle casts its energy and glow throughout the bathroom. It's heavenly. This escape rejuvenates, calms and magic happens. For those moments, I belong to the universe and nobody else. 


Remember, now is the Year of Grace. How are you stepping into your Grace?

Embrace the darkness, for you know the light is just on the other side. 

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