Breaking Free to BE

Breaking Free to BE

Let's face it, inertia is tempting. It's safe, it's known, it requires no action on your part to keep it going.

Oh, but then the heart starts to pitter patter in its yearning to BE. 

Shakespeare had it right:

To BE or not to BE, that is the question

 Was he thinking spiritual thoughts when he wrote this? We may never know, but how appropriate in today's world! You've heard the story before from many other great sages across our globe; when we BE there is nothing wrong. When we BE all is right with the world. When we BE we are simply and profoundly ourselves.

Oh but the journey to BE!

As many of you know, 2016 has been a whirlwind of activity for me personally. To recap, my dad had a massive heart attack in the spring (luckily we were visiting to help out), my honey got a permanent gig, we are in the process of moving (yes we are keeping our island home - thank you for all those concerned queries), our daughter had surgery (she came through it with flying colors), I got blessed yet again and now have a top book agent that loves the book that is FINALLY getting truly finished and well you get the idea.

Be? Who has time for such glorious nonsense when there is so much to do?!

This past weekend it hit. I sat. I read, two books in fact! I conducted private ceremonies for us with the angels assisting of course. I went to the beach and contemplated the lint in my navel; no seriously I simply sat and watched the waves, the happy tourists and dolphin watched. I slept. Gabi and I took walks. One was into town where she promptly became the toast of the street with everyone ooohhhhhing and ahhing over her. (She TOTALLY loved it all)

Today? Better. The bottom line is that we all yearn for that moment of BEing. We yearn for that balance so we can refuel, recharge and go back out into the world. How to find YOUR Beingness?

That only you can answer. If you only get snippets of it, 30 second even, your soul rejoices. It reminds you how great it is to BE and not think about the past or the future for you are currently in the present. 

Here are some things that have worked for me and my clients:

* Meditation. When Gabi & I walk I don't talk on the phone or listen to music or a book. I enjoy the nuances of the day. Try it as a conscious meditation.

* Yoga. Something gentle and soothing that allows you to connect with your body and soul

* Sitting with your pets if you have one. They live in the present and are fantastic teachers

* Sit in a park, the beach, the mountains. Take off those shoes and feel the earth's energy power into you

* Call a friend. yes really. Not to whine or complain, just to be in each other's company


What are some others you can share? I'd love to read what works best for you.

Wishing you a day of BEing


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  • clemence

    Well for me is sitting under the porch of country family house and watch the sky the clouds the sun also the rain. But I do rwalky enjoy beung at home with my music really loud and dance or do karaoke….

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