Change Can BE Scary, but does it have to BE?

Archangel Michael Mandala, Christine Alexandria

Change CAN BE Scary

Who reading this hasn't wanted, desired, dreamed of something better than what currently is? 

Come on, you know you have. 

However, desiring something is one thing. Actually going after it is another thing altogether. 

Why? It involves Change. Let's face it, change can be scary! It means some things must go. Some of those things will be relationships whether it is a redefinition of what currently is happening, or a dissolution of it. Some of those things will be 'treasured' items that you have held onto for decades but are now prime dust collectors. Some of those things are daily practices that have BEcome quite ingrained within to the point you are unaware of how they are, or are not, impacting your life.

Change requires commitment. Commitment from you to you. 

How to Know if Change is Needed In Your Life

Sit quietly for a few moments. Actually, allow more than a few moments. Aren't you worthy of more than 30 seconds? Aren't you worthy of more than 60 seconds of your undivided attention? Aren't you worthy to actually spend 30 minutes focusing on you?

Of course you are.

If are still reading, change is approaching and desired and you may wish to have a pad of paper nearby to take notes. As you settle into your heart space; quietly and lovingly telling the ego to go sit in the corner with a lollipop for the time being. Then ask yourself which area of your life would like to BE addressed and reassessed. Not sure if your soul or ego is answering?

Place your hands over your heart and breathe quietly. You will know when you are in that 'sweet spot' when your shoulders relax, the head lightens and typically a BIG sigh is released from your physical body. 

Simply ask and see what areas come forward. As example, I've known for at least two years that the expos shows were becoming a thing of the past for me. Why? They were becoming draining. True we LOVE meeting y'all in person, but working as much as we do outside the shows, we have had to BEcome very, very picky on what shows we attend. We had a hard look at ALL of the factors. Did you know a 'simple' two day show is actually a four day commitment on our end? Drive/set up on Friday, SHOWTIME all day Saturday and Sunday and let me tell you, Post Show Hangover is a very real thing which is Monday. This only applies to shows that are local. For those in Cincinnati and Chicago, that is a six day commitment for a two day show.


We scaled back. In 2020 we are scheduled for three shows. Yes, THREE this is down from our all time high of 17 Shows. This was a very tough call for us. Very tough indeed. But we are so committed to continue to serve in the best way for us, and therefore you, our health, energy and sanity needed to be addressed and assessed. 

What will replace these shows? Online classes. LOTS of online classes, a membership site that can support you in ways that we simply can't via the show circuit. More dynamic products and yes, we've assessed that arena as well which means some products will be retired. Perhaps permanently. Stay tuned.

See? Dissolution of relationships with shows allows for new to enter. We venture forth with some trepidation, but more excitement than anything else. As we BEcome more public with this announcement, we are now getting offers to teach and perhaps wholesale our line.

Doors open when the path BEcomes clearer.

Now you go. What comes forward for you? What needs to BE dissolved in order for the new, the endless possibilities to emerge?

Change Takes Courage

While you are quietly addressing and reassessing your life, please understand that Change Takes Courage. It takes courage to stand alone (hopefully temporarily) while others catch up. 

Not everyone will desire to catch up. Not everyone will be thrilled with this change and depart your circle. Not everyone will support or even understand the change. For on the surface it appears as if all is AMAZING. It may have been, for a while, but it no longer supports your heartfelt desires and goals. You continue to evolve and change and therefore how you address life changes accordingly.

What matters is you desire the change by listening to your heart. 

As long as these changes are not a result of making a point out of egoic thinking, or revenge, or 'I'll show them' mindset, you are good to go. The ego, that blessed raspberry blower of low self esteem, will rear its head and often remind you of very unsavory things such as; you're not worthy or you can't do that because you are... (fill in the blank here). Of course in the light of day and in saner moments you know these to BE Big Fat Falsehoods, but oh in the dead of night or on those days your energy is low, it makes sense. 

Don't listen to it.

As long as you follow your heart, Grace fills you. Peace encompasses you. Joy becomes a daily emotion and the sun shines on the darkest of days. 


How To Change

In small manageable steps.

If you have ever gone Cold Turkey in some new program whether is it dieting, smoking, drinking, exercise, etc. Odds are success didn't happen. It was too much too soon. It was overwhelming. Very few can accomplish such monumental feats in a short amount of time.

Remember, allow your human side out and do what is best for you; small steps make for lasting results. 

Remember to take beautiful Time Outs, otherwise known as Acts of Self Love. Just yesterday, I dragged my neighbor out for a 'Get Lost In The Woods Excursion'. Why? While we both have very different lives, we are both close to burnout. We needed, NEEDED that 5+ mile hike with little time to stop. We chatted, taught, listened and witnessed some very beautiful nature. 

In fact we were taking about Big Mike (Archangel Michael for you Newbies) and within moments, each of us found a brilliant Blue Jay feather! Of course I sat with this feather and as I was looking up its spiritual meaning, Michael intervened and offered this:

I AM with you.

The Blue Jay Feathers were placed to remind you both that you are divinely protected.

Stick to your goals and BE ever determined to blaze the trails you are destined to Blaze.

You are ever fearless and while you do second guess yourself, that is human nature. Continue to listen to the wisdom of your heart and all that is desired will succeed.

We will continue to place people in front of you to help.

It is time to BE Bold.

There was more, but then it started getting more personal and you need not be bored with my life. 

The Question Remains

Will you say YES to you? Will you allow yourself to BE more seen, heard, respected, revered, loved, felt, prosperous and more in this Year of Allowing? 

Will you?

As I typed that last line, the time struck 11:11. It IS time to walk through the doors of your Mastery. Your mastery may still be hiding, or not quite unveiled, but that is A-OK. Just open the door and agree to step through. Michael's message was shared for ALL.

It is time to BE Bold. 

 Archangel Michael Mandala, Christine Alexandria


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