Change is happening.

Change is happening.
The other day Zeke and I headed out for our walk in the woods. We were barely out the door when the magic began. 
We encountered a black racer snake approximately four homes away and sat with her for several minutes. As a sidebar, of course, Zeke was quite intrigued. I took it as a training moment that engaging with snakes and making them unsafe is not a great idea. Of course, not all snakes are dangerous, but we have ample Copperheads in this area, and he should learn from a non-venomous beauty. They are not play toys, nor are they food. They are creatures to honor and respect. By respect, we mean to stay away.
Once photos were taken, we continued with our walk enjoying the cool breezes, beautiful bird songs, and the peace of our area. 
We enjoyed the woods. Zeke LOVES being off-leash, free to explore, and lead us on the many paths we walked that day. 
We approached our street renewed. 
Of course, the snake was gone upon our return. 
Was it a chance meeting? 
Was it a message from Spirit?
Was it just a snake?
The answer is yes to all of the above. 
It was a chance meeting that only we saw; therefore, the message was indeed for us. As I was walking with a friend, I didn't go into conversation much with Thuriel, The Angel of Animals, during our walk, but did ask and research once home. 
Was I in for a treat, and so are you! The messages came in fast and furious, so heads up. You may want to revisit this and address the variety of nuances, questions, and prompts slowly, not all at once. 
Over the past few years, I've learned to revere snakes as strong totems and great messengers. While we lived at our last home, there was a year, 2019/2020, when it was a rare event when I didn't see a snake along our walk! They lived near our home, and a very large snake skin was found in our garage behind all the supplies needed for Angel Chatter and expos. Repeat VERY LARGE; as in close to four feet in length! As you read the various messages/meanings of snakes below, I underwent each one of these metamorphoses.
In general, snakes share that significant change is upon you. They shed their old, tight skin to emerge glorious and more comfortable in their new skin. This is a lovely nod to Uriel, Angel of Safety, with the consummate reminder that You Are Safe to BE You. There is no need to stay confined and stuck in a situation that no longer serves you. There is no need to belittle or demean yourself to suit another. You deserve to grow, evolve, and BE true to you in all areas of your life. The year following The Year of Snakes, we moved to our forever home. Our home is, without a doubt, the biggest home we have ever had the great fortune to call ours. It is filled with light, bird song (we live in a bird sanctuary), laughter, and ample room for our VIG guests to have private space. Don't even get me started on the glorious gardens, complete with a resident bullfrog.
As already mentioned, snakes shed their skins regularly. It is a form of rebirth. There is a death of sorts - letting go, only to be reborn more vibrant than ever. This is linked to the Divine Feminine, for a woman's role has constantly evolved and grown in power throughout history. She continues to break the shackles that have confined her to stand taller in grace and Love than ever before. The more she can relax her mind and move into her heart, only the more she can operate through her soul vs. her mind. For her, truth is Love. You can witness my personal Divine Feminine public emergence by visiting the website and gazing upon the commissioned landing page image.
A black racer snake is full of personal meaning, for it is unique, just as you and I are. The color of the snake is black. In spiritual circles, black has often been given a bad rap with labels such as the dark arts, shadow side, and all things scary. The darkness is often scary, for it is the unknown. You cannot see what is before you. You must tap into your other senses to understand and embrace the messages surrounding you. The dark is a great void of nothingness, similar to Da'at in the kabbalah, The Great Nothingness. This is the place where all is possible. It harkens to a state of mysticism. Definitions vary regarding mysticism, but based on what The Magdalene shares with me, it is a state where when can channel and become more one with Poppa/God. Entering the dark is the place to be rather excited about, for your light casts no shadow. It is a place worth exploring to shed light on the secrets within and bring the power into the light.
One may even say a black snake, in her feminine powers, is symbolic of the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna is revered in many cultures worldwide, representing resilience, strength, and perseverance. Does this sound like another goddess you may be familiar with? The Magdalene is an example. 
The dark feminine energy that this beautiful snake represents can also be the shadow side of your feminine aspect. What are you hiding? What innate power are you hiding from and perhaps withholding from the world at large? 
The snake brings forth a question for you:
Have you felt a bit of a fire burning inside you lately? A fire that have you perhaps a tad antsy that you know you are here for better or bigger. Something that represents a more authentic aspect of you? 
If so, you are not alone. It is time to let the past go and permit yourself to be reborn. It is time to shed your outdated skin to shine. 
Or emerge from the ashes and rise like the phoenix.
The Black Racer Snake is also often associated with protection. Here we have a nod to Big Mike, The Angel of Protection. You are protected to go forth and share your unique Sparkle Zone because you are divinely protected. 
But there is more, much more, that this snake can offer in the way of messages. Are you still taking notes?
Snakes can also be associated with magic ahhh lovely magic, and can be linked to fertility. I inquired with Gabriel, Angel of Miracles, about this connection, and here is what he had to say:
Snakes are considered part of the fertility path, 
Especially when infused with the energy of the kundalini.
It is the rise of the kundalini fire within you, Dearest One 
That ignites the reproductive organs.
This is not to say you, nor anyone who encounters a snake, is pregnant or 
That the snake brings news of a pregnancy.
It is to say that now the energy is ripe.
It is fertile for new undertakings.
As the snake regularly sheds its skin
Its energy grows, just as you and your many followers are now doing. 
The time is ripe for reclaiming your soul's right
The time is fertile to launch or dig deeper into a new project.
BE aware that as you proceed, you step into the magical powers that 
Stretch your limits of what you think you are here to do.
Stretch beyond those limits and settle in.
Feel the swirls of the universe surrounding you
Lifting you up
Empowering you
Emboldening you
This is not a race, 
yes, I did just make a funny in regards to the snake you saw this morning,
But a journey to step more boldly into the light you are 
and share with the world your power.
Gabriel spoke as I typed. This message is meant for me as much as it is intended for you.
Another message came through while typing. The clock struck 2:22. '2' represents energies of The Divine Feminine while indicating that time is prime for new beginnings. All of this follows the powerful new moon we just experienced. 
Doesn't that indicate it is time for a change?
Change that will lighten your soul's load. Change that will fill the hole in your heart while you speak your truth with loving confidence. Change that could turn your world upside down in glorious ways to have you emerge victorious.
Victorious because you are no longer allowing outdated mindsets to dictate how you live your life.
The tides have turned, darlings. The tides have turned. 
Now is the time to boldly step forward. Okay, boldly may be intimidating at this moment for some of you.
Take a small step. I encouraged the students of The BE You Program earlier this week to commit to implementing one, just one, change in their life that would step them towards a goal they desire to experience.
Here's the abbreviated version that wishes to BE shared with you:
Take just one step forward.
This step could be:
  • An Emotional Shift
  • A Physical Change
  • A Mental Awareness
  • A Spiritual Embrace
An emotional shift could be an awareness of your empathic gifts and owning the fact that you are not a whiny baby but DO feel the energies of the universe around you. That is a very cool superpower once you understand the nuances of how the universal energies affect you. For example, realizing it is them, not always you when insecurities arise, but you sense their insecurities and could take them on as yours.
A Physical Change could be committing to walking a bit more. Stretching daily. Or perhaps incorporating a new food group on your path to better health. 
Mental awareness is acknowledging the internal dialogue we all have going on at any moment. Yes, I see you. Simply being aware of how this dialogue can clog the arteries of walking your path and commit to switching out words such as should to could. Just as quickly, your internal dialogue could be offering empowering thoughts to encourage you to keep following your bliss, so to speak, and shine your light. 
A spiritual embrace. I hate to break it to you, but if you are in my world, you are woo-woo. Embrace it! Does this mean you suddenly adorn fairy wings and wear all things that flow and drift in the wind? Not necessarily, if ever. It means you see the energetic connection between you and a random snake, and it was a very incredible encounter that prompts an entire week's blog post to share to inspire another, hopefully. 
Now is the time for you to shine. The world needs you—regardless of your vocation, gifts, and talents. You are ready to go and sparkle like nobody's business. 
Let's do this, shall we?

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