Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Necklace - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Good Day My Children ~

Today is indeed my Feast Day, July 22. I've asked Christine to take a break from her Cornavirus updates to allow me to speak directly to you. 

The number '22' is one of hope, dreams, aspirations and more. One hopes to have world peace, recognition for all races and sexes, but in your 3D world that yearning has fallen flat.

This window of Awakening that is upon you signifies that it is indeed time for communities, whether they be local, global, or across the airwaves to come together. It is time to come together to build the kind of life and lifestyle of which you are proud.

To build a lifestyle that is filled with Grace.

To building a lifestyle that is harmonious not only within your sacred dwelling, but with nature. 

To build a community as large as you can dream that supports each other, not a selective few, to encourage others to fulfill their mission by BEing them and reminding them of their gifts, not their downfalls. Reminding one of their downfalls, which they are quite aware of, mind you, does not serve. Does not empower. In fact it diminishes not only their light, but yours. 

Now is the time to come more strongly together in the essence of LOVE. This is one of the many things I stand for. As you well know, I was not a prostitute. I was not possessed by demons. I was and am still one of great courage, conviction, and can persevere above it all.


For I stand in Love and only in LOVE. Love, or the word and concept of 'love' in world has been altered. It now has conditions. Need I remind you that LOVE has NO conditions. Love has watered down in order to let fear sneak in its ugly head to attempt to rule. 

You are smarter and wiser than that. Speak out when something is not right. Speak out when you know it to be false. Speak out when another is targeted unnecessarily.

Likewise, speak out to join hands with another in the light of community and service. Speak out publicly to support another on their journey. Speak out in the name of LOVE. 

Gaze upon my sigil below:

Mary Magdalene Necklace - Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

There is no true beginning nor end. As LOVE is never ending. Love is timeless. LOVE is returning in its truest form and it is up to you to help me do this very sacred and worthy mission. Will you help me?

My sigil brings about the perfect balance of light/dark, above/below, feminine/masculine. No one thing is better than another. All are required and needed to BE complete. LOVE is complete. Allow the essence of the ruby to pen your chakras to remind you of not only your royal lineage, but the birthright that you are safe to BE you; now and forevermore. 

Talk to me my child. Allow yourself to share your concerns and burdens. I will be happy to work with you in the name of LOVE so you too may remember. 

I remain yours,

The Magdalene


  • Joanne

    Dear Mary Magdelene, thank you for your Presence and love in my life. Forever love to you and Chris in union Joanne xxx

  • Jean Kingsbury

    Dearest Mary Magdalene,
    I know you have always stood in Pure, Strong Love. Yes, Today is a day we remember you and thank-you.
    Thank-you for your message you sent today through Christine. Thank-you for your Love and Inspiration, Always ❤️

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