What Covid-19 is Teaching. Lesson Four; Compassion

As more and more of us head into either self imposed or government dictated quarantine, I've noticed judgment coming out more to play.

You're better than that.

Yes, YOU.

This thing called judgment serves no one. Not even you.

Let's step into compassion this week, shall we? There are countries that have been quarantine for over four weeks and what do you see? Spontaneous musical concerts (okay maybe spontaneous is an exaggeration), a deeper understanding of what is truly important. (I'd LOVE to get a hug from my parents and children right now). 

This week, I'm feeling rather feisty and am going to throw out a few challenges to you via The Gang (aka angels for you newbies). WE ALL have choices. We have a choice every single day to carry on with business 'as usual' (blinders on and things will all work out) or a golden opportunity to shift from within to raise our vibration and BEcome the person we always thought we could.

We have a choice. We have free will. We can choose to take advantage of this reset, or not.

The Spiritual Gist 

When I was meditating earlier this week, the goddess Kwan Yin entered. If you are not familiar with her, she is widely known as the Goddess of Compassion, originated from China and carries the energy of the Divine Mother. Her name can be translated to mean: She who harkens to the cries of the world. Kwan Yin is also recognized as an Ascended Master and refuses to fully ascend until all of humanity ascends with her. Simply put; until all wake up and live a life full of compassion.

As Kwan Yin entered, she was sitting atop her 1,000 petal lotus, which is one of her symbols and represents enlightenment. As they entered more fully, the lotus BEgan to vibrate and illuminate stronger. That is where my attention gravitated. On the lotus and its meaning. 

Kwan Yin came forward more fully to share the significance of the lotus at this time.

A lotus represents a micro nugget of humanity at large,

of humanity's consciousness.

A lotus has three distinct growth stages as it pertains to humankind:




Ignorance is most definitely the 3d dimension. A dimension full of fear, anger, judgment. 

Learning, how to BE, as you say, constitutes the break up of the third dimension and can be equated to the 4th dimension. 

Enlightenment, is just that, enlightenment and is the 5th Dimension. Yes, we are capitalizing that word, for it now has a greater importance like never before.

One doesn't need to proclamate that they are living in the 5th Dimension, for it is obvious. Just as one doesn't need to share if their hair is long or short; it is obvious. Just as one doesn't need to tell whether they are short or tall; it is obvious just as the nose on your own face. 

Simply BE. 

When one toots their own spiritual horn, is that spiritual or egoic based? One doesn't have to share, for their tribe, those they are aligned with find them and build a stronger tribe filled with support, compassion and of course LOVE. 


How are you choosing to BE on a day to day basis?

You humans are BEing given a gift of a reset at this moment. 

Do you choose to stay stuck in fear, worry, judgement and anger


Do you step forward, no matter how vulnerable you may feel, into stronger, more loving and understanding energies?

Choose wisely Dear one, choose wisely.

Take Away from Kwan Yin

As Kwan Yin has lovingly shared, it is up to each individual human to step more into their power; one of LOVE or to stay satiated in fear or learning. While working a client earlier today (yes, more and more are stepping forward to reclaim their divinity), the angels Ariel and Azrael entered. 

I asked her to give a number significance; a numerical resonance to each angel individually. It was time for her to recognize the connections.

Azrael quickly came forward with '0'. Not as in worthiness, but as in completion. We are completing a cycle. Or another way to look at it, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU are graduating to the next level!'. Why '0'? Azrael is given the glorious title of Angel of Death. He and I prefer the title of Angel of Transition, for what is death, but transition? What is transition but completion? A cycle has been completed. Many will complete a variety of cycles in this global adventure; literal death and figurative death and they remember to BE.

My client was a bit more confused with Ariel's numerical significance, so with a bit of prompting from us, she learned it is '1'. Not as in You're Number 1! (well you ARE, but that's a different story), but as in New BEginnings. A reset.

To wrap this up, we are completing a humankind cycle and entering a new one. 

Isn't this exactly what Kwan Yin shared in her channeled message? Step away from ignorance, fear, anger and step into learning, remembering and ultimately BEing. 

It's Scary Out There!

No doubt about it, if you are taking this covid-19 seriously and I fervently hope you are, it can be scary! 

It can also BE scary to BE vulnerable. Allowing another to see more of the real you, not the image you wish to project. Jokes are already abounding with what will my hair, nails, skin look like when this is over? In fact, in a conversation with 81year young mom this week, she was lamenting that she had a hair appointment. I, BEing the eldest, jumped all over her... "Why are you doing it? Who are you trying to impress?"

"Your father." While sweet, not realistic.

"Dad would much rather see your smiling face radiating vs. your pretty hair in a coffin."

That shut her up. 

Guess what? NOBODY is getting their hair, nails or skin taken care of right now. NOBODY unless you happen to live with one of these magicians. Enjoy the respite! Who knows, you may give up one of those 'necessities' when this is all over. 

It's time to BE. 

But that's just the physical vulnerability.

This little virus adventure is making everyone dig a bit deeper whether they desire it or not. They/WE are facing what is necessary. We had a conversation just the other day while having a slicing tomato on that bagel would BE lovely, it wasn't really necessary, was it? We are all BEing challenged now in a variety of ways. Anger will certainly surface as the first of the unserving emotions that is asking to BE released. Will you allow it to go or stay in that level of energy?

Of course there are much bigger things to deal with now, but use the tomato as an allegory to make it feel not as threatening.

Your Homework for the Week

Yes, they are lovingly sharing homework for ALL to do. Really? As they say, you're not going anywhere at the moment, so YES, homework. 

This is your personal chance to reboot, rethink, reimagine life as it ought to BE living. A life not simply existing, but a life filled with wonder, BEing and LOVE. 

Take a minimum of five minutes daily. You choose the time that is best suited for you. A time when your world is quiet and you are most likely able to sit for five minutes in contemplation, prayer and gratitude. 

Allow, for remember that is this year's word as shared by The Angelics, your mind to soften. Allow your heart to expand. While I may miss our adult children desperately, we have the gift of technology to facetime whenever we choose. We even held a zoom meeting last night - over ten people joined in, to celebrate our daughter's birthday. So for today, I AM grateful for technology. I AM grateful for the roof over our head, the snuggles with my honey and our two little lions. I AM VERY grateful for those in the medical professions to put their lives on the line for thousands of others. I AM VERY grateful for the truckers schlepping goods all across any given state, country and town so all may get what they need.  

Each event, person, situation you are grateful for raises your vibration and thus expands your heart. You may even feel a trickle or two of a tear as the BEing essence expands. 

Until next week, I hug you from over six feet away, hope you continue to stay safe and you can BEgin to ALLOW.



  • Deb

    Lovely thank you for be’ing.

  • Vicki Simpson

    Loved this so much. My world is so surreal right now, with family members ill, but my world going on as usual… Isn’t it funny that convenience stores are essential? I know people need gas, but do they NEED their cigarettes and lottery tickets? I keep catching myself thinking that and realizing that that’s pretty judgey… I’m learning to let go and accept people for who they are….

    Much love to you and the Angels!!!

  • Dawn Rochester

    Gratitude and Compassion are key. Practicing these two behaviours has definitely help me navigate this fog. Thank You Master Goddess!

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