Courage begins when you decide to stand up to BE seen and heard.

Courage begins when you decide to stand up to BE seen and heard.
You may be wondering how to do just that.
Warning, becoming more courageous is not for those who wish for a quick fix. Every step along your magical life path often presents another opportunity to step into your courage. Changing your life can affect romance, locales, homes, jobs, etc., which takes courage. It is easy to keep the status quo unless forced into change; a car breaks down, you are fired from a job, death, etc. That kind of change, the one forced upon you, is traumatic. It can be very traumatic. I'm sorry if you have lived through that kind of trauma. Looking back, you can perhaps witness how much you have grown since that event. Maybe you grew in ways you least expected: gentler, forthcoming, and more you.
Some trauma cannot be avoided, but a lot can be when we are courageous to stay on our chosen soul's path and keep saying yes to ourselves. Being courageous affects all areas of your life, especially relationships, from romantic to online social.
Let's go back just a bit to review.
We have all heard of military conquests that pulled on such courageous energy that many were saved.
We've heard of a parent standing up for their child.
We've heard of many who spoke up for another.
What about speaking up for yourself and living your dreamy life?
THAT takes courage! Being courageous for yourself is a form of self-love. There I said it. It involves standing up for yourself, not just others.
Isn't it funny how standing up for others is often easier than it is to stand up for yourself? To call out bullying of another or to go the extra step to help another out. Oh, to do the very same for yourself! Now that's considered selfish by some.
Why do you think that is?
It is for the same reason that it can be difficult to manifest your true desires. It is now personal, and we clam up when it gets personal collectively.
We don't want to fail.
We don't want to rock the boat, to BE that disruptor that breaks the rules, no matter how trivial those rules may seem.
We just want to BE loved and will do anything to conform to receive that kind of love. That conformity often brings in a level of complacency and floating through life. While you may be content on the surface, a fire burns inside you for more, and it is itching to be released.
Desiring to conform isn't courage, darling. Conformity is fear overriding your desires and contributing to a life lived but not lived fully. Many would call it playing small. Remember, you don't need the multi-millionaire dollar mansion to live a life fully. To live a life entirely means you say yes to even the silly things, like going to sing sea shanties, stomping through mud puddles because they are there, and simply having fun at the expense of nobody else.
Do you feel you are living your life fully? Sit with that question before you jump in with an answer. Could you show up more in areas of your life?
Ouch, that hurt even as I wrote it. Did it hit a nerve for you as well?
I'm sorry, but yet glad. If it did hit a nerve, this says you are ready to move forward and BE more courageous.
Being courageous doesn't mean you have to storm castles or go out to protest for a cause, although it could.
Being courageous means, you take one step towards your dream daily. An action could be daydreaming. Remember, daydreaming is a way for your soul to speak and remind you of your soul's path and how you can create that life for yourself.
A step could be taking a class. A class simply because you now desire to learn pottery for giggles. Or a course to take your gifts to the next level.
A step could be….
Your most significant step would be to decide what it is that you desire in your life.
For example, I've been craving and praying for World Peace since a child around eight years old. While I cannot instill peace in others, I can become more peace-filled.
WHY do I desire this peace? I crave harmony and honoring of all living souls. That's why.
Once again, the why is the base of understanding your dreams. Once you get a handle on your why, manifesting becomes more straightforward, which helps fuel your courage; you know why you wish to insert your desire here. It may fulfill security and recognition, assist others altruistically, expand your knowledge, etc. Your why doesn't matter as long as you know and own it.
As you evolve, you naturally want more or different than your current status quo. That's natural, so allow yourself to keep dreaming for more, better, and different. All you desire is an extension of where you are now. You probably don't like the same things you did as a teenager, right? Of course not, so why would you still want the same things as you did ten years ago? Unless, of course, it is world peace you are after.
The shift to BE more courageous starts within. If I desire world peace, I must become more peace-filled. Therefore, it would behoove me to participate in meditation (I do), practice yoga (I do), eat healthily (most of the time), spend time in nature (forest bathing anyone?), and take care of myself so I feel relaxed, keep my blood pressure down (104/60). The more at peace I am, the more others feel peaceful around me.
It must be working, for my hair stylist, clients, and vendors at expos share that my energy pulled them in because they felt relaxed around me.
You may think I effortlessly float on air if you read all those things. Life happens, and it's not always glorious, but since these practices are part of my essence, it is easier to get back to that peace-filled state when the hiccups occur.
Focusing on inner peace contributes to me being a better listener and observer. I can help more clients and mentees by not overriding them with what I do but with what is best for them and not going for the quick fix and easy way out.
It's a way of life I have actively chosen.
Being courageous in some areas of your life is easier than in others. It may be more courageous to get a new style of clothing than to declare your deepest dreams publicly.
Being courageous takes practice. Lessons are constantly woven into your day-to-day magical experience. Once you recognize them, they are difficult to ignore. Think of it as self-courage.
Once you start practicing self-courage, it becomes a game of sorts when another opportunity presents itself.
BE ever gentle on this self-courage journey.
Remember ~
Sometimes getting out of bed is courageous.
I see you.
Ariel, The Angel of Courage, reminds us that courage comes in all shapes and sizes. You need not be blazing trails forward daily; it's exhausting on all levels. Constantly pushing forward, showing up, and being all 'pretty' for the world is unrealistic. Permit yourself to get grubby now and then and maybe spend an entire day in your jammies if you are currently in the mindset of having to keep busy and photo ready every. Single. Day.
Sometimes lying in a field of buttercups is very courageous if you have bought into the above mindset that you must do something constructive every waking moment of your day. Relaxing while connecting with Gaia, receiving the grounding energy, and watching the clouds float by can take time. You may not have been wired that way, but you can be. If you need something to do, see how many dragons, unicorns, or angels show up in those clouds as they float on by.
Sit with Ariel. Her true color is red, a deep crimson red. However, red can be intimidating and overwhelming for some. It's in-your-face energy, quite powerful. That is why she often presents as a pale pink initially, especially for those who are unsure how to step forward courageously in their life. Pink is gentle and approachable. Yes, yes, I know Chamuel is also pink in energy. If you are lucky to sense or see colors and are unsure, ask who is now with you. Over time you will grasp the nuances quickly to understand their energies.
While I have seen Ariel in resplendent red, there are days when she appears as a soft mauve. I've learned to gauge my energy based on how she shows herself. For example, when I first encountered Ariel in the crib, she was very soft and cuddly pink. The kind of pink that envelopes you in gentle energy. It's why I called her Pinky.
As I grew and became more aware of our connection, her light grew, as did mine. As already mentioned, each day is a new adventure. All things are considered: how I slept, what I drank and ate, and how I have physically used up energy. Whenever I am unsure, I ask her to appear, and based on her coloring, I know the best direction for me.
While she is my guardian angel, you are invited to use her guidance to your benefit. Remember, all angels are here to help ALL of us.
Not just you. Not just me.
I invite you to share below two things:
💖A time in your life when you felt courageous and did something about it.
💖How you can tap into courageous energy now to help propel you forward.
Being courageous helps with boundaries—your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations. The more you know, the easier it becomes to tend to you and your desires and needs.
Being courageous helps you to achieve your physical desires.
Being courageous empowers you to help others and lift them.
Being courageous instills within you the power to say YES to you.
At the very least, share a heart below that says you are ready.
We're here to encourage you.
I have sent Ariel to your side to fan the flames of courage within you most gently, just for you.

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