Did you ever wonder?

Does your mind ever play games with you? Mine does. I begin to wonder if this illusion we call life is real and if I am who I say I am.

Recently we ventured to Baltimore to cheer on our eldest in her first half marathon run. It was a glorious sun drenched day with a light breeze. Perfect for us watchers, probably not so much for the runners, but luckily it wasn't so hot as to cause alarm for many. I reveled in the sun and light breeze.

We coordinated times with our son in law, what is she wearing, what time she took off, etc.

My husband and I stood on the corner just before the home stretch to the finish line. Folks were ringing their cow bells, holding up signs - some generic, some personal. One of my favorites read:

You're not crazy! It's better than being lazy!

Every time it happened to turn my way, I chuckled.

I got into the spirit of things and started cheering on perfect strangers. Every now and then I knew they heard me for I saw their pace quicken. 

Then this weird thing began to happen; I began to get not only teary eyed, but literally had tears coming down my face and I hadn't even seen our daughter yet! I am cheering on total strangers and I'm crying?

What's up with that?

So I asked The Gang. Here's their response:

"You truly love watching people succeed in whatever they tackle. Your tears are an expression of the joy and love you have for your fellow human at this point as they round the corner and head the last quarter mile to the finish line. Remember this moment, for when you say you LOVE to witness people succeeding, you truly mean it. This makes up part of your spiritual DNA. When you say you are here to inspire and empower millions and are giddy when they soar, you mean it.

WOW.... did not expect that response.

It's one of those, I just have to share channelings. Ego driven? It's more of an AHA for me... haven't you ever said something so many times, even though you mean it it begins to sound a bit stale to you?

That's what this is. Having a mission to inspire and empower millions - BIG mission and can sound a bit egocentric (hope not, but guess it could) that I was wondering if I ought to begin saying something else.

Guess not. 

What's your mission? What have you gotten use to saying and aren't sure if it means anything to you at this point?

Ask The Gang for clarification. Maybe it requires a tweak. Maybe what you thought was yours isn't yours any more. OR maybe it is indeed as perfect as you are. Or perhaps it's time to have a private session with me to kickstart you or become a student via the Authorization Course. We are gearing up 2018's course and we are switching up a few things to make it even better...for you. For I AM here to cheer you on!

I look forward to reading your comments below.



  • SUE

    I too have cried and thanks to you it makes sense
    This is my second aha moment! Thank you!

  • PeggyLee

    The Gang’s response to you made me teary eyed. For I sometimes feel that way. Thank you for your bravery in sharing the conversations.

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