Don’t Ever tell me Angels Don’t Exist

Don’t Ever tell me Angels Don’t Exist
Or any other divine BEing for that matter.
In the course of three days, I experienced yet another intervention, received a note from a student about her intervention, AND received a note from another student about how she is raising her children.
Sit back and read on. 
Story One
We have pachysandra. LOTS of pachysandras. If you are unaware of this plant, it is a ground cover that is quite invasive, is known to knock out native plants, and creates a lovely habitat for your local scaly critters. 
I’ve been pulling it up by the bag full. BY. THE. BAG. FULLS. The previous owner shares that all in this yard came from one bag. ONE. I’ll leave my soapbox on this for a moment. I AM on a mission to be rid of it within our yard. 
Zeke typically keeps me company as I garden. If we go beyond the fenced-in yard, he is leashed up on a long leadline and anchored to a tree. After all, he is still very much a puppy and would happily race off after a rabbit, squirrel, or another four-legged furry friend. 
Not this weekend. Michael entered without any preamble or negotiations, and Zeke was to stay in the fenced-in yard. He was not happy on the other side of the fence, but I listened. 
I pulled and tugged for a solid four hours and loaded up about 11 wheelbarrows of the stuff. I was sweaty and looked like a giant garden gnome. Dirt was everywhere. Everywhere.
Eventually, 'Uncle!' was uttered. Defeated, I had bit off more than I could chew. If the foolishness continued, tears would be shed with copious amounts of face rubbing—our gardening buddy and his team were called in to help. 
They arrived the next day and worked tirelessly for seven hours. During this time, four copperhead snakes emerged; one adult and three babes. All were relocated.
Had I not listened, Zeke would likely have been bitten. Lucky for me, I called ‘uncle’ before unearthing the snake nest. I was that close to it. 
Story Two
This is another Divine Intervention Story. A student was on her way home from taking her children to school. She was at a red light that turned green. She was about to proceed when her foot slammed on the brake. As she came to an abrupt stop, a car going at high speed ran the red light. 
She would have been hit.
It's that rare moment when your mind goes into overdrive. As her thoughts raced, what came to the forefront was how much she loved her children, taught them to call upon the angels, and was filled with peace. She gives thanks to The BE You Program. 
She’s fine, a tad shaken up, but escaped not only intact but physically unscathed. 
Story Three
This story isn’t one of divine intervention but a share of how robust The BE You Program is and how we are creating a giant ripple of LOVE. 
This student’s son has had a difficult time sleeping lately. She is teaching them profound tools to reclaim their power and how to cut their energy cords. 
Her child is three. 
At this young age, they are learning to not only call upon the angels to assist in a better night’s sleep but to remember how amazing they are. The recording shares this much better than I can. I invite you to listen in. 
The results? It’s been less than two weeks, and they are already sleeping better. 

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