Embrace Your Sovereignty

Embrace Your Sovereignty

Dearest ~


The dictionary defines sovereignty as


Supreme Power




Of course, we have all heard of the term sovereignty concerning royalty.


But here's the thing: you have supreme power and authority over your life.


It is up to you to:


Build a bridge and walk over it


Cry yourself a river and stay stuck on the other other side.


You have desires, right? It's only natural you wish a better life; it's part of being human.

This isn't about your voyeurism or having the biggest and best of everything; it's about fueling and feeding you soul.


Your beautiful soul so you can be fortified to fulfill your soul's mission in this life.


During the bi-monthly student LIVE for The BE You Program, we chatter a lot about what fuels you. What do you dream of doing?


The conversation got interesting.


For example, we have many, many talented goddesses in our sacred community, and they are walking their soul’s path. Therefore, we have professional dog handlers, crystal experts, healers, coaches, mediums, chefs, massage therapists, artists, spiritual artists, authors, and, well, you get the idea. 

The list is endless, and it’s perfect. 

I shared that not once in my entire life have I had the desire to be a professional dog trainer beyond making our fur brood nice, receptive to the community, and not embarrass us ;) 

Not once. Therefore, this is not something that is in my soul contract. 

However, I have an ongoing burning desire to uplift, inspire, and empower millions of people across the globe. That has never wavered. How I go about may shift, but this mission is ME. This mission is the yearning of my soul for you to Love your life, receive the bounty you need for you, and live a full life. 

It’s because of this soul yearning that I’ve learned over the years that I require space, lots of space. This means taller ceilings, larger rooms that contain coziness, and spaces large enough that everything has an assigned spot, which helps my organizational side to smile wildly. This space gives my soul places to breathe, imagine, create, and pamper those who enter our sacred space. This space overflows to our gardens, which are lush, full of flowering trees and thousands, dare I say, thousands, of flowers and bulbs throughout the yard. 

I know people who don’t want this large of a home. They prefer the convenience of an apartment or condo. Not me, I LOVE the expansion. I would also not do extremely well in a house that required constant repairs or feelings of claustrophobia in a space too small for this body. 

This is my sovereignty. 

To have authority over how I live my life, just as you have sovereignty as to how you shall live your life. 

How do you wish to live your life?

What dreams have been calling to you, perhaps since childhood, that still beckon? These yearnings are not fanciful. They are you. They are a part of your soul that yearns to be recognized, heard, and seen, no matter your vocation. 

Remember, you are holy, a divine soul who deserves to live a life well lived. One filled with happiness, Love, health, wealth, and support from family and friends who are family. Please don’t run from your sovereignty; run to it. 

Embrace it.

Live it

Build that bridge and cross over to experience new and endless possibilities so you can do whatever you desire to do, forever more. 

Does this trigger you? 

Good. I’m here to do just that; I AM here to trigger you into waking up and daring to BE your true magical self now and forever more. 

Before we depart for this week, I challenge you to write down all of your desires. Every single thing you desire -m


Then share. The old saying that says if you share your wish, it won’t come true? That’s balderdash. It’s akin to going to a restaurant and telling the waiter to guess. 

Seriously, it is. 

Share your dreams here with others so we can all cheer you on! NOBODY will call you greedy, selfish, or unworthy. 

However, if they do, or even think it, it is because they desire the same thing and are too scared to go after it. 

Dare to build that bridge and cross it. 

I’m here to help you do just that. 

We have a few select weekends that we are opening our beautiful home to you so we can pamper you, challenge you, conquer mindsets, take magical walks, and generally support and love on you like never before. 

We never hold back. 

We always overindulge; it’s our natural habit, and we LOVE doing it. 

Want to learn more about these weekends? Click away: link to vig, please.

Until then, straighten your crown darling and dare to BE your full divine self. 

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