Fear vs love - which has more control?

Fear vs love - which has more control?
Sorry for the tardiness of this week’s edition. We are still recovering from the wonderful show in New Jersey, and I’m not prone to doing a lot of advanced writing. I like to see which way the energy flows weekly and guide you accordingly.
So many readings over the weekend that were based on LOVE, looking for Love as in romance. Now, I’m not about to guide you through this today because each person is beautifully different, but what was a common factor for each of the clients was the struggle and the attempt to do it ‘right’.
Here’s the thing: it will never be right or perfect.
Remember, you are perfectly imperfect, and everything you put out there can be improved. It’s one of our beautiful traits as a human, a testament to our constant growth and learning. It is a testament to our yearning to BE a better person, a more authentic person, in other words, to share our true authentic self. 
It is the fear that keeps us from shining.
I believe we strive for perfection on our road of ascension and our soul’s evolution. We know of, or subconsciously, or even consciously remember a time when the universe was perfect. We want it back, and yesterday wouldn’t be a bad timeline. 
Have you ever noticed that when you struggle, life becomes more difficult? 
Have you ever noticed that the harder you try, the more elusive the goal seems to be? 
Have you ever noticed that whining and complaining only compound the struggle?
Me too.
Can you glean what might be missing from the above-mentioned struggle? 
Here’s a hint: okay, it IS the answer:
Fun, Love, and Magic.
When was the last time you had fun doing anything? 
When was the last time you Loved what you were doing?
When was the last time you invited in the magic?
I can frequently be heard sharing that I get to play with clients or students on any given day. Do we actually go out and play? Of course not, but we are doing super serious work in such a way that they make faster progress because they have a sense of curiosity and fun woven into what we are doing. 
You may think that as an adult, you don’t have time for fun. This is exactly why you need to add more fun to your life!
Lean in and listen.
When you are in JOY, you are relaxed. 
When you are in JOY, you are present.
When you are in JOY, you are the most powerful because you are not worried about the past or the present. You are living life to the fullest. 
This is thanks to the great tutelage of Jophiel, The Angel of Joy-Filled Power. 
You are not designed, nor ever have been designed, to struggle through life. You have been designed to live joyously, full of love, healthy, prosperous, and more. If there is a struggle:
1 - I am truly sorry.
2 - Many components could contribute to this:
  • Location. When was the last time you cleared the energy of your home? 
  • Check the land of your location. Even if your property is new, the land is quite old, and it’s best to know its history.
  • You are now believing that this is what life is; working hard and struggling as you get through it all. 
Unfortunately, when struggle becomes the norm, you begin to think - great, this is my life. And I believe there is no hope for change; it’s just one thing after another. This is true because you believe it to be so. You may apply for countless jobs. You may have read or read thousands of self-help books. You have attempted several times to change your mindset. 
All without seeing results or permanent results. Am I saying Love was missing while you were attempting to improve your life? Yes, because you weren’t steeped in the Love that is YOU. You were attempting, perhaps as a last resort, to shift, but your heart wasn’t really in it.
Am I saying that when you incorporate fun, magic happens?
Yes, and well, no. 
Fun raises your frequency, and you begin to live at a different frequency when you consistently incorporate fun into your routines, even the mundane ones. When the fun enters, Love often follows.
During lockdown, we installed ‘The Path of the Silly Walk’ in an effort to keep a smile on other’s faces. What joy it was to witness some lightness in others when they walked silly! I witnessed so many that when they walked silly, they left the path a bit lighter in their steps than when they approached it. 
Their energy shifted in a mere few minutes. 
You can do the same. Even when you clear your clutter, you can enjoy the fun by cranking up your favorite uplifting music and singing as loud as you wish. This will give your chakras a shake-down as you begin dancing around the room. 
Don’t send query letters to potential employers when you are feeling defeated. The energy transfers quicker than you realize. Crank up your music and do not write a thing until you feel your energy shift and, hopefully, a smile on your gorgeous face. 
The same holds true for dating sites. Why would you respond or even set up an account if you are feeling low? 
How can your dreams come to fruition when you are busy complaining about life or the people in it? What kind of frequency are you putting out there that beckons your dreams to come true if there is no joy in what you say or think?
Fun/Joy/Magic they do go hand in hand. 
On Monday of this past week, we experienced
 * Total solar eclipse. It doesn’t matter if you saw it or not; you were energetically affected. 
  • Earthquake: the second largest one in one week. The largest being in Taiwan.
  • Mercury still retrograding
  • Devil’s Comet. It's the first time in 71 years that it made an appearance. 
The energy has shifted. BIG time. 
It’s up to you to embrace the changes that are coming and already here. It’s up to you to step more into joy and love so you can live a life according to your desires, dreams, and frequencies. 
It’s not about my dreams or the thousands of others reading this post. It is about your dreams and desires. It’s about you living the kind of life you desire.
The change is here. You can embrace it or fight it—no matter what, it’s happening. The more you fight these energy shifts and deny the joy and fun woven into your life, the more you will struggle. That is how this thing works. 
The more you embrace the changes and are curious about your future, the more exciting it can BE.
So you decide which has more power, Fear or Love? 
Fear is control.
Love is freedom. 
Fear is bigotry, judgment, competition, yelling, and filled with shoulds.
Love is expansive, magical, empowering, supportive, and filled with coulds.
There is so much to share on this topic, but I wanted to get you thinking and hopefully shifting so you could take advantage of the magical energies at our disposal now.
Sending you great Love, giggles, and a poof of magic for good measure.

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