Freedom Within Your Sacred Space

Freedom Within Your Sacred Space
Let's talk about your physical space this week, otherwise known as your home.
A house is a building. A home is where you live and build your life. It is a sanctuary and refuge. A place where laughter, Love, and healing happen. A place where you can walk around naked or wear the frumpiest and most outdated clothes without fear of retribution.
A home, your home, is a castle. Perhaps not in the literal sense, complete with a moat and turrets, but a castle all the same because it is yours and hopefully is an extension of your energy.
How about we take a walk? Yep, you and I will take a walk around your home.
As you walk around your home, ask yourself these questions in each room:
🏡Does this space make you smile?
🏡Does this space offer space for you to breathe and relax?
🏡Does this space feel like you?
🏡Do you feel free in this space?
If you got a 'no' to any of the questions above, ask yourself these follow-up questions:
🍃Why do you feel disgruntled in this room?
🍃Why does it feel constricting and limiting?
🍃What does this room feel like?
-- This one gives you some wiggle room. For example, my husband's office does not represent me, which is terrific because it is his office! Likewise, my office doesn't certainly doesn't look like his! After all, I've crystals hanging out on the windowsill, paintings of goddesses - Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and The High Priestess, as well as a few angels, adorn the walls. However, our shared space reflects us both; crystals, books he loves, art from our daughters, and of course, flowers. Together we have purchased most of the art in our home and decided, as one unit, where to put each piece unless it is for our personal space - like our private offices.
As you walk around your home and if you find yourself with feelings that run along the lines of there is just too much, I invite you to keep reading.
Too much of anything can lead to feelings of constriction and being overwhelmed, even if it is things you LOVE. We have a variety of collections in our home, but they are gathered in one space, as the container of heart-shaped crystals below:
Indeed, if a space has too much, it can be challenging to think clearly. Even if it is stuff, non-living stuff, it contains energy. Gaze at the two images below; neither is from our home, but which makes you feel more at ease?
Be honest. Neither image is from a grand home, yet it feels put together, cozy, welcoming, and safe.
If you are an avid reader like we are, you have books! We have books in multiple locations throughout our home; a children's bookcase when the littles visit or weekly Zoom Storytime. Metaphysical books - guess who those belong to? History, novels, comics, non-fiction, wellness, and let's not forget the cookbooks!
If you are ever in our home as a guest, perhaps a VIG Weekend, you will see that every shelf in every bookcase has room for more books. Every shelf. Energetically, this signifies we are open to more and new information. We don't pretend to know everything and hunger for more.
The same can be said of stuffed pillows, magazines, sewing projects, and so on. Currently, I have three outstanding sewing projects to complete. That's a lot for me; I typically will have out only the one I am working on; too many open projects create unease energetically, and often not sure where to start. Guess what happens? Nothing gets done. This is the kind of power that clutter can have over the best of us.
You included.
I crave peace, not chaos.
However, as you go about your home, notice how you feel energetically in each space. These intuitive hits can reflect what is going on internally and energetically within you.
I've met some put-together folks on the outside, only to find out they are closet hoarders! No wonder getting them to move on and commit to a new way of being wasn't easy. Their home reflected the inner workings of chaos and the energies of feeling unsafe to be their authentic self. Chaos was their comfort commodity even though they yearned for calmness.
Where is the freedom in that?
If you feel constricted in a room, you feel constricted within. You certainly don't feel comfortable or expansive in moving forward with your life. The bottom line is that, and this may be a hard pill to swallow, but this space lacks Love.
If space is well Loved, it is organized, peaceful, and harmonious, and you feel empowered. You feel energized to relax and veg on the couch, write the next great novel, or create sumptuous and healthy meals. There is great freedom, and you feel expansive. Ever creative and yet safe to kick off your shoes and do nothing if that is what you need on any given day.
Woven within your spiritual design/DNA, it is written you are to:
💖To BE Happy
💖To BE at Peace

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