Archangel Uriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria-Angel Chatter

As we head gobbling first into one of the biggest holidays in our home, my mind and heart, as I'm sure yours, goes to the energy and emotion of Gratitude. 

The word 'Gratitude' is everywhere you look at this moment; ads, memes, greeting cards and within prayers/meditations. 

It's rather hard to escape, but with society so stress-filled these days, is anyone or has anyone really settled in and embraced Gratitude in their own BEing?

These are things I ponder at the crack of dawn.

Gratitude - what IS it?

Good ol' Webster/Wikipedia loosely defines Gratitude as the following:

Gratitude, thankfulness, or gratefulness, from the Latin word gratus ‘pleasing, thankful’, is a feeling of appreciation felt by and/or similar positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help, favors, or other types of generosity, towards the giver of such gifts.

But that sounds rather superficial, doesn't it? I have to receive a gift in order to BE grateful? 

Hmmmm... Does that settle well with you? Obviously it doesn't with me. 

In order to accept gratitude, one must be given something in order to prompt this emotion? Sadly this is true in many arenas. I'll scratch your back, IF you scratch mine. 

What If...

What if you/I/we took that responsibility onto ourselves and looked for ways to BE Gratitude?

A sunny day for starters. Who can complain about a gorgeous sunny day as it warms your physical body, gentle breezes to cool with nature a twitter. Sit outside, no matter the temperature allow yourself to BE in that moment. Feel your soul expanding with Gratitude to BE given such a gift at this moment. One could say this is still a superficial sort of gratitude - BEing given something in order to embrace the Gratitude. I won't disagree here, but it is prompted by you and doesn't cost a penny. However, you must take the time in order to BE. 

Now look within. When is the last time you gave THANKS for all your body does all on its own without a bit of prompting from you? Breathing for example. Take a deep breath in this moment. Feel it supplying much need energy to charge more of your cells, organs, muscles and more. Hold for a moment or two. Now exhale slowly, imagining what is no longer needed BEing transmuted thanks to Zadkiel and the Violet Flame. Breathing in purity, exhaling transmutation. 

When is the last time you thanked your eyes for all they do for you? It doesn't matter if you wear prescription glasses, or not. If you are reading this note, you have the gift of sight. You get to witness rainbows, rain, clouds, butterflies and the occasional faerie or two (just making sure you are still reading). You get to witness tears of joy, love and sorrow. You are blessed to see someone smile at you. You are blessed to see another dancing, cooking, drawing and so much more. 

If You Embrace Gratitude, What Happens Next?

If you tackle Gratitude daily and look for, find ways and embrace the truly never ending parade to BE grateful, it is contagious. 

How so?

  • You find more ways to BE grateful. 
  • The Law of Attraction trickles in and others are equally affected. 

OOOOHHHH, now excites me! Think about it, wouldn't you rather exist, live and thrive in a community - whether it is online or physical that is more gratitude based than one of discontent? 

I know I do. 

Look it, I know not everybody's life is perfect. In fact, nobody has a perfect life. Nobody. All are perfectly imperfect. Certainly some, on the outside look like they have it all, while others are quick to downgrade and throw magical darts under the guise of jealousy that is actually fear that they won't have the same kind of happiness. At some point, all have succumbed to that lower vibratory vein. All. 

Now you are BEing challenged to stop that gerbil wheel. BE happy! BE a walking BillBoard of Gratitude. Does it change world events? Not really, or will it once more are on the Gratitude Train? We won't know until we try. 

I'm willing to give it a go, you?

The perks? for so many need to BE prodded to do something, anything even if will benefit them greatly. You replenish your BEing with a higher vibration. Stress begins to diminish, shoulders relax and you remember your whys.

What Angel to Chat with Regarding Gratitude and Why

I immediately saw Uriel and his card of Thank You from the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck (currently sold out - sorry)

Why Uriel? Isn't he the Angel of Safety I hear you ask. True, he is, but if one wishes to stand alone metaphorically in Gratitude, doesn't one have to feel their innate divinity strongly? Doesn't one have to allow themselves to step forward and BE seen in Gratitude vs. contributing to the downgrading fiasco energy that is so prevalent on social media and elsewhere these days?

Uriel it is!

Archangel Uriel Mandala, Christine Alexandria-Angel Chatter


Chat with Uriel this week, weekend and every day going forward. Ask him, upon awakening each morning to supply you with a small list of what you can BE grateful for at that moment. Perhaps a cat or dog or human is snuggling close to you in Love. Perhaps it is the weekend and you can go back to sleep. Perhaps your home is filled with LOVE, laughter and more. Perhaps...

Now and forever, I wish you a beautiful life and one that is filled not only with Gratitude, but Love. 



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