Happy International Woman's Day - Meet Tzaphkiel

Happy International Woman's Day - Meet Tzaphkiel - Angel Chatter

God I LOVE what I do; chatting with angels, The Magdalene, and more.

Just this morning a new angel appeared during a mentee's session:


Tzaphkiel appeared this morning as we were setting up a crystal grid for her to meditate within to facilitate a physical healing for her long-term diagnosed illness. 

As Tzaphkiel entered, the energy was soft. 

Angels are androgynous; however, I 'see' Tzaphkiel as a she. 

The energy not only softened, it became brighter. Tzaphkiel beholds the Cosmic Mother Energy. Repeat, The Cosmic Mother Energy.

Is there a more perfect time to introduce her on International's Women's Day?

I think not. 

Meet Tzaphkiel

Tzaphkiel, as already mentioned, vibes with the Cosmic Mother; all part of the Divine Feminine. 

Call back to The Gang's prophecy of this year, 2022. It is the Year of The Divine Feminine and the High Priestess. 

Perfect timing.

Tzaphkiel also connects to the Violet Flame as do St. Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel. This offers very balanced energy; an ascended master, and two angels whom I just happen to see as feminine and masculine. Combined they create a trinity, a triangle. As far as sacred geometry goes, the triangle is the strongest geometric shape known to humankind. 

She presents herself to me in a gown that sparkles, glows and radiates hues of purple, silver, gold, platinum, and white. Like most angels, she is here to help all of humanity, but presents more easily to those resonating in the 5th Dimension vs. the heavier third dimension. 

That is not to say if you cannot connect with her, all is lost. She offers her wings to help lift you up, out of the dross of the heavy 3d and enter the more powerful and loving 5th. 

As always, it is up to you to accept the offering.

Or not. 

Why is Tzaphkiel Appearing Now?

Now is not the time to wallow and dwell upon the past. The past is just that, the past. Events happened that you participated in which you grew. At the very least opportunities were offered to assist growth along your spiritual path. 

Now is the time for the Divine Feminine to not surpass the Divine Masculine, but to walk side by side. Together in harmony they guide. Together they remind all they can be loving, powerful, joy-filled, forgiving and more. 

Not agressive.

Not greed-filled.

Not revenge focused.

But rather to walk in harmony.

To walk in LOVE. 

To walk in support of others along their path.

To walk arm and arm creating a universal wall of such power that hate finally relinquishes its hold as all stand together and say, No more. 

She, as all angels, are quite powerful. Her energy, while loving, is stern. You are invited to read her message as she dictates it to me below:

Message from Tzaphkiel

Humankind ~

You grow increasing uncomfortable in recent times

You feel the angst of your brethren 

This is proper for one resonating in higher dimensional energies

It is time. We have been prepping you and all of humankind for decades. 

We have offered decoding processes in the forms of meditation, healing practices, channeling, etc. 

Not all have heeded for they think they know better. 

Now is the time for balance.

The rise of the Divine Feminine is real and demands to BE recognized.

She does and will continue to walk arm in arm with the Divine Masculine. 

It is up to you to accept the new energy and permit it to BE engrained within you. 

If you say yes, this is not a journey for the faint of heart. 

It requires those who are tired of history repeating itself.

They are present now to assist in dismantling walls of illusion.

They are here to heal, to only themselves but all of humanity.

Trust these souls. They range from newborns to the elders. Look into the eyes of these souls and you will know. They have nothing to hide and only share the Love that is yours for the asking. 

That Love is power. 

That Love is pure.

That Love heals ALL. 

Relax into the comfort of my gown and allow your whoas to BE transmuted.


To BE is an art.

Walk with us, the angels and remember how to BE.

Your Call to Action

Relax into the flow and harmony that life is offering you in this moment. Life isn't meant to BE harmonious at all times. However, overall it is your destiny to live life in a harmonious flow. 

If the world feels overwhelming, know you are not alone in those feelings. Pull back. Call on Tzaphkiel to assist in embracing the Divine Feminine and transmute the past pains that currently prevent you from relaxing into her wings. 

Journal. Journal your future while writing in present-tense. 

Know that all is right with the world, even though it doesn't appear to BE so. 



  • Vicki Simpson

    I wish I could be more like you…. You are a subtle warrior, conquering with love. I feel the anger, the frustration, the despair (not saying you don’t, I think it’s how we alchemize it) and want to join Michael and pick up a sword and slay the bad guys. My head wants 5D but my heart goes 3D… on one hand I know meeting violence with violence is crazy but how else do you stand up to a bully?

  • Rebecca WM

    Spectacular and timely message. Thank you so much for sharing this today of all days.

  • Charlene Suess

    Beautiful message ♥️
    Thank you

  • Jean Kingsbury

    Dear Chris, What a gift you gave to me. I am so grateful you introduced us to
    Tzaphkiel. I went through my experiences from 2016 forward. You made me realize This just now. I am still going through the lessons and journey. I am no longer a victim. I thank-you for truly making me realize this. Now. I believe now.. I can Be in my power and strength. I am not alone.. ever. Much gratitude and love, Jean💕😇

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