Have You Ever Played Small?

Have You Ever Played Small? - Angel Chatter
Have you ever played small?
Go on, admit it, you know you have:
You have:
  • Worn an outfit so you didn’t stand out
  • Didn’t raise your hand so others could shine and let’s face it, not cool to be a ‘know it all’
  • Didn’t speak your mind so ‘peace’ was maintained
  • Smiled sweetly as others ranted in anger
  • Stepped aside so others could pass you by
That last one? It’s a biggie
It doesn’t matter if you run your own business or are part of a team collective or a virtual team. 
You have great powers and gifts.
Yes. YOU. 
Don’t be me and diminish them.
It all starts with a name.
For years I only answered to the name Christine. In fact, I had my elementary school teachers trained. When mom would go to parent-teacher conferences, they would shake her hand and say, ’Oh, your Christine’s mom.’
You see, at home, I was Chris, Chrissy-wissy (don’t ever call me that by the way), and well you get the idea - it was not Christine. In fact, it was everything but Christine. 
Enter Jr. High. You know that age when you covet to BE part of the Cool Kids Club and often at the expense of leaving you in the dust. 
Enter Chris. 
I even became Alex for a short-lived engagement because it felt cool.
FYI ~ It was not cool.
From that point onward, and for a few decades, I was known as Chris. In fact, if you have been with me for a long time, you may have met Chris
My husband knew me only as Chris. He introduced me as such and that is also how my friends knew me. 
Enter Soul Coach Training with Denise Linn. Once again, I introduced myself as Chris. 
Nope. Denise saw right through me and for the next ten days of intense training, Christine emerged.
Man was I ANGRY! Once again I wasn’t being heard. I kept softly correcting Denise.
Nope Christine it was. 
I stewed. It brought up so much stuff. 
I marinaded. This is a process of mine. New information, ways to BE filter in and before I can own it, it must marinade. It’s the same kind of process I offer my clients. 
Fast forward a few months. We went to a corporate function for my husband’s work. As he was about to introduce me, I shoved out my hand, and said ‘Hi, I’m Christine.’ 
My husband did a serious double-take.
As we left the party, he cornered me in the car and said, ‘Who are you and what have you done with my wife?’
True story. 
It was time to integrate all of me and not knowingly leave me in the dust again, just to perhaps be accepted, liked, or more.
This kind of emergence is a crazy carpet ride and continues the remainder of your life if you permit. You get to gently unfurl parts of you that you have perhaps forgotten.
Perhaps you consciously kept hidden. 
Perhaps you unconsciously hid.
NOW, it’s time for her to emerge a bit more. 
Are you willing to unfurl your wings? 
Let me help you. 
I’ve so many tools up my wings and offer so many services: 
  • Single Session with The Gang
  • Single Session with The Magdalene
  • Three AND Six Month Mentor Packages
And Now?
Respite with the Magdalene. She has lovingly demanded options within this program as well! 
  • Single Visit
  • Four Month Membership
  • Year Membership
You pick the best service and program for you.
Just know, it IS your time and I can help you.
Together, she and I will help you unfurl your wings so you can soar. 
That’s our promise to you.

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