Have you heard of Askfirmations?

Have you heard of Askfirmations?

You most likely have heard about and may use affirmations.


Have you hears of Askfirmations?


If not, keep reading.


By definition, Askfirmation are positive present-tense questions that you ask the universe so it may respond to your desired directly.

But let's explain why affirmations only work to the extent that you believe what you are affirming.

For example, if you desire more money and are affirming:
I have all the money I need and desire.
While this is a powerful statement, your ego may argue. It will argue with you, sending you thoughts of an empty checkbook, bank account, and wallet and gleefully remind you that you have a pile of bills just waiting to get paid when you have the money.
This, of course, leads to more frustration and thoughts akin to 
Why can’t I ever catch a break?
Why is money always so tight?
How come I never have enough money?
While these questions and thoughts are uttered in frustration, the universe is not aware of this. Instead, it will answer your questions, supporting you with continued roadblocks, low income, and elusive money to pay bills, save, and enjoy. 
It’s how the Law of the Universe works. 
The author of the The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield, is attributed to the quote;
Where attention goes, energy flows.
Reread the quote, slowly and out loud. Remind you and your soul of this truth. Take this quote to heart to remind you how powerful you are throughout your days.
For example:
Haven’t you ever had a bad day that goes from bad to worse? Unfortunately, many have, and it’s because your attention is so strong and resonates with the energies of struggle and lack that you get more struggle and lack tossed onto your path. Your attention was focused on frustration, anxiety, angst, anger, roadblocks, etc. Therefore, you received more of this and more.
Likewise, you hopefully have had days when nothing could go wrong. On those days, you were in total alignment and truly unstoppable. Your attention was focused on unity, oneness, flow, prosperity, happiness, etc., and your energy created more of the same.
Askfirmations exist to make your life more harmonious by taking the pressure off of you to know all the answers.
Because you are asking the universe for answers in the way it will best serve you. Not in the way you think it will rephrase your questions and offer the real answers for which you seek. 
Askfirmations have been shown to help you shift your conscious awareness to help keep you on track. Just as you ask those questions in frustration and aren’t really looking for an answer, there is no need to search for an answer when using Askfirmations. 
The universe lovingly and powerfully guides you along your path so you may get the support, answers, information, etc., to where your attention is focusing. 
The initial Askfirmation that I share with people, and my personal favorite that I still use to this day, is this:
Why is it safe for me to be me?
There is such power and magic in this question. What has occurred for clients, students, and myself is more self-awareness, an understanding of what fuels the soul, and a better understanding of how one can be better supported. The funny thing that happened to many is that they grew in height! It is true, and I have health records to state that I went from 5’8” to 5’9” in one year. This is at an age where most of the medical community expects shrinkage. Once again, I bucked the system and grew!
Those in your circle and beyond notice the subtle shifts. They comment on how you walk, your height, and so on. But you know the secret. You have said YES to yourself and are now more consciously willing to follow your dreams. You dare to say yes more often so you may fulfill your destiny. You are becoming empowered.
Begin using this Askfirmation daily. Be aware of the subtle shifts that are occurring. You will begin to feel more confident, recognize those who support you so you may bring them closer, be clearer on your next steps, and, in general, be in awe of how magnificent you are and what you are here to do.

Askfirmations have also been shown to help in the most mundane parts of life.

Why is it so easy for me to have the perfect spot now?

You're right; finding the perfect parking spot is not a life-or-death situation by any stretch of the imagination, but it can make your life much easier on days when your calendar is quite full.

When students attended our first in-person retreat years ago, some flights were getting delayed. Never fear! Askfirmations were used, and not one attendee showed up late or stressed.

You may have noticed the phrase, why is it so easy... This has purposefully been woven into the formula because so many of us think life must be difficult and anything worth having you must work hard for.


Why not incorporate ease into the fiber of your being to allow more of what you desire from your soul? Why make life consciously or subconsciously difficult?

One of the primary reasons Askfirmations exists is to make your life easier.

If you wish to know more about this powerful tool, click here

Until next time, I will send you great ease, so much LOVE, and the knowledge that you are forever magical. 





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