Honoring Imperfections

Honoring Imperfections
In this month of Love, thanks for the promotions by all those luscious candy and card manufacturers, there is much focus on the perceived perfection of what Love represents.
Let me BE the first to tell you; Love IS messy, imperfect, bliss-filled, raw, joyous, and yes, empowering.
Especially when it comes to Loving yourself first.
Did I get your attention?
Loving yourself first can be messy!
It’s sad but true. So often in our modern society, if you put your needs first. (By real needs, we’re talking about rest, education, support from others, exercise, fulfilling your soul's desires, and proper eating). If you put yourself first, ample crowds are quick to jump on that bandwagon that you are being selfish and greedy, and they need you more.
Politely remind these folks that you will have much more to give when you tend to yourself first. They will use such tactics as ‘sit by me and watch TV' while you would rather pop off to an exercise class, go for a walk outdoors, or read a compelling book. Don't be guilted into doing something you don't wish to do. That’s ok if they do, but it’s more than OK if you stick to your wings and tell them you would love to join them after you do XYZ first. For example, my husband loves to watch football, and I go along for the ride because it brings him enjoyment. However, I can also be found ‘watching’ the game while reading a juicy novel, business-related, or spiritually uplifting book.
Love is imperfect. Remember, nothing human-made is perfect. Of course, in the eyes of the Divine, you are indeed perfect. Once again, thanks to mass marketing, your imperfections are displayed for the world to see; overweight, saggy breasts, flawed skin, and that’s just the bodily imperfections! We won’t go into the crappy job, non-perfect house, car, family, etc.
Here’s the deal, your imperfections are amazing. They have helped to create the outstanding person you are now. Those wrinkles are just a sign of a life well loved and experienced. Those saggy breasts could be due to massive weight loss, feeding your child, or anything else, but they ARE yours!
Flawed skin. Seriously who has naturally flawless skin? Nobody, that’s who. Some skin looks flawless thanks to countless photo apps, cosmetic products, and plastic surgery. But deep down, there is an equally insecure soul striving for perfection that is unobtainable.
You are perfect.
You are imperfect.
You are glorious.
Thanks to some intense conversations with Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, you are being prompted to stop fighting your imperfections in recent times. You are now challenged to LOVE those beauty marks with abandon. Yep, even those old-age spots and big pores.
This is not a trip for the light-hearted. This is a journey for those ready to shed the energy shackles you have used to keep you hidden.
Are you ready to say YES to the most empowering journey of your life?
The journey that gives you the courage to BE disliked?
The Love to share with self and others?
The power to BE true to you?
Remember, you don’t like everyone, so why do you concern yourself with what others think of you? The more you honor and LOVE yourself, the more you attract that will share your light to support you on your journey, offering wisdom and wings to help you soar.
You deserve that and much more.
You deserve to share your Sparkle Zone with abandon.
You deserve to live a life filled with wonder, awe, and of course, Love.
You deserve to win the lottery if that’s what you truly desire from your soul.
This, of course, means change. Some will invoke BIG change, and others more subtle. But change is change.
Each step you take towards reclaiming yourself is another step towards loving yourself more. You will feel lighter, happier, and more comfortable doing what you are called to do and how to BE.
If you are looking for some ideas, reach out! I’m here to serve. Seriously, reach out.
For now, place your hands over your heart. Thank Chamuel for reminding you to Love yourself first, now and always.
Sending you great Love,

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