How BIG will you permit yourself to go?

How BIG will you permit yourself to go?
Dearest ~
We just experienced the New Moon in Aries. While I am not an astrologist, this caught my attention because Aries is fiery, bold, and courageous, it's my zodiac sun sign. Even if you are not an Aries, this current energy applies to all of us.
You may feel antsy, like your wheels are spinning, yet you haven't experienced or manifested anything. 
Now is a time of rebirth, a rising from the ashes to live a life full of joy, not woe. To live a life full of health, not an illness. To live in LOVE, not anger. 
It's your time, like none other before this. 
Auriel, The Lunar Angel, has joined wings with Ariel, The Angel of Courage, to light a fire under your butt. 
It's time to BE courageous and shine your light like never before. 
Yes, now.
This fire will ignite your soul. You may have felt it building over the past couple of weeks. Perhaps you feel the urge to clear out your closets; how can you BE true to yourself when you have clothes over ten years old and haven't worn them for the last eight? Clearing clutter is always recommended as you step into your manifesting prowess. It makes room for the new to enter. Want more clutter-clearing tips? Click here
Perhaps you felt a renewed commitment to your dreams but are wobbly on your feet because you've lost what your dreams are vs. those of another. 
Perhaps you felt like chunking it all out the window and starting over.
All of these kinds of emotions and actions are valid right now. 
Now is not the time for complacency; now is the time for inspired action.
Even if that inspired action is meditating so you can become more clear on your desires And WHY.
Why is this moment more important than another time?
Let me delve a bit deeper. In the darkness of the New Moon, your awareness of the universe becomes heightened. It's the gift of the dark. ALL is possible. You can obtain insights more quickly than in the bright of the day. This heightened sense of attention helps you be more aware of your inner longings and how to get there.
For example, I've been saying I desire to inspire and empower millions for years. It can keep me up at night; how to better serve you. It's WHY I have created an exclusive product line, written books, channeled two oracle decks, and offered various online courses -
Each one that currently exists for you, yes you. The prices range from $18 to $1,997. There's something for everybody.
Now I'm becoming more clear on my WHYS. I wish to leave this world a better place. I do 'silly' little things like:
  • Picking up trash along my daily path, much to the amusement of Honey Guy, my husband.
  • Smiling at strangers and, if appropriate, complimenting them.
  • Letting another go in front of me in traffic and not mumbling under my breath.
The little things lead to bigger results. Because of these said silly things, I am content and happy most of the time. Yes, there are days I bottom out due to life's adventures, but I am aware enough to pull back to tend to my needs and not break the momentum of another. 
Try this:
Place your hands over your heart at this moment. Close your eyes. What do you feel?
Do you feel content? Contentment knowing that there is nothing wrong at this exact moment in time. Repeat nothing. When you are in the energy of contentment, you can better relax into receiving what you desire vs. focusing on the lack of it within your life. 
Let's say you have a cold, and it's bad enough that it has become annoying and prevented you from life's joys. If you breathe in at this moment and are content, your entire being becomes relaxed. 
When you are relaxed, you can heal more quickly because you are going with the flow.
On the other hand, if you are focusing on the hacking, the sneezing, and the low energy, the universe thinks this is what you desire, and it often takes longer for you to heal. 
This is true for all scenarios of your life. 
Manifesting isn't about acquiring. Manifesting is about the experience. It's the exhilaration of being happy and content. It's about creating new routines that become rituals; more on that thought process in an upcoming post.
Another example is money. Money IS lovely, but it doesn't make you happy. It magnifies who you are at the core. If you are miserable, you will be miserably rich. If you are happy, you will be happily wealthy. Permit yourself to BE content as you aim higher. 
That is the essence of this New Moon. Learning to BE while shooting for the stars. It all becomes more apparent the more you understand your whys. 
It's WHY The Itty Bitty Course of Manifestation  was born. To help you create your heaven-on-earth reality. Now is the time for you and ALL to BE courageous in living your desired life.
You can do this. I promise, as long as you commit to yourself.
Will you say YES to you? Will you allow yourself to go BIGGER, BOLDER, and UNABASHEDLY YOU?
Sending you so much love,

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