How do you define Surrender?

How do you define Surrender?
Surrender is loosely defined as ceasing resistance.
How much are you attempting to change by yourself?
I’m going to go out on a limb and say pretty much. 
You are most likely juggling your Homelife, job, business (if you are a goddess-preneur), friends, and let us not forget family! Then there are a plethora of errands, and one must get their hair coiffed as you are ruling the world single-handedly.
Just stop.
That is a very 3D kind of living. That is the land of fear, ego, and one must do something, and often times it results in complaining with waves of being overwhelmed as a constant flow. 
The end result? Frustration, anger, built-up bile in your physical system, and if you are lucky, only an ulcer to show for it all. Worst-case scenario? Larger health issues, and you feel like an utter failure.
Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?
Let’s get off that vibe and live life with more abandon, shall we? 
Let’s just put this out there:
YOU are part of the universal web of LOVE. The Web is there to support you, lift you up, and, yes, encourage you to BE true to yourself. 
Because you are a living example of LOVE.
BE compassionate towards yourself. I was counseling a client yesterday, and she is so busy doing things for others, even listening to TV programs that she knows makes her ill. 
And yet, she has not uttered a word for fear of creating ripples. She has not followed her desires and dreams to BE of service as it fills a hole in her heart. 
How is that contributing to her well-being or empowering her to live a more fulfilling life?
 It’s not. 
Surrender to the inner wisdom of your soul. Lean into and receive clarity on your next step and the next. Remember, your heart is the birthplace of your soul and never lies to you. 
The Ego? Lies all the stinking time. It says you will not be loved if you speak up. It says you are not worthy of living a life as you wish to design it. It screams at you that you are a major imposter, and then the men in the white coats are coming to take you away because of these illusions of grandeur.
Surrendering does not mean you are weak.
Au contraire! By surrendering, you are acknowledging that even with ALL of your superpowers, and they are too many to itemize, you simply cannot do and BE all to anyone, let alone yourself. 
By surrendering, you are asking for assistance, guidance, and input, from another. Let’s go back to getting your hair coifed. Do you attempt to cut your own hair? You know I don’t, for it would look like my second-grade photo; bangs uneven and rather dismal. 
You surrendered to another for their hair expertise. 
Since everything is energy, there is no extraordinary energy impact if another helps you get out of a toxic relationship. Or assisting with taxes. Or helping you to BE rid of the clutter in your mind, body, and soul. 
You know, yes, YOU know when something is not in alignment with your soul. 
♥ You feel off.
♥ Tightness in your belly - the solar plexus chakra is screaming to take your power back!
  • Headaches are a shared experience. 
  • You over or under eat in an attempt to dull this inner knowing that can propel you into the life you yearn to live. 
Why? You are living in fear. 
  • What if I suck and fail?
Or better yet,
  • What IF I SUCCEED?
Life indeed will change as your success grows. Money and notoriety don’t change you. It magnifies your inner essence. It expands what is already within you.
Therefore, if you are an excellent, heart-centered person, imagine the impact you can make on another’s life. Imagine the permanently etched smile on your face because you are HAPPY. Imagine a life that has you giddy to wake up daily. 
Surrender Darling, just surrender and ask The Universe, Me, a friend, a colleague, our sacred Facebook Group for assistance and ideas. 
Together we rise higher into 5D and beyond.
The place of LOVE, Compassion, Clarity, and Community. 
Until next time, I send you waves of Love,

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