How much do you...

How much do you... - Angel Chatter

The world at large likes to think themselves advanced, open-minded and honoring others. 


Be honest, when is the last time you judged another for the way they looked, their beliefs or the kind of house they live in or something equally benign?

I am now not judging you, just pointing out that many do this; at alllll sorts of levels. Me included. 

Isn't it time all recognized the magic and endless possibilities that are out there? I think so. One of my favorite personal sayings is I know I know nothing. Now that might seem belittling, but it is not. It simply tells the universe that I AM open to more.

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Thoughts and Musings

I realized a while ago when my husband became an idiot it was simply because I was tired. Did he do anything different from any other day? Nope. But like I said I was tired and the best thing for me at that moment was to go back to bed and rejuvenate; the last thing I needed to do was judge another; especially the man who has been by my side though thick and thin.

Apparently I'm not alone in experiencing this Idiot Syndrome; others have come forth and claim the same phenomena happening within them. Is it really a phenomena? Not really; however, doesn't it appear to be easier to blame another for their success, shortcomings, etc when we are feeling down? It may at the onset, but what kind of energy does one buy into by claiming this? Remember, energy attracts like energy. IF you are casting out those idiot vibes what kind of vibes are coming right back at you? I can pretty much guarantee it's not savory or sweet.

In a nutshell we're too tired and depleted and ignore our needs so it 'feels' better to put down another. 

Let me rephrase that:

When we are tired, depleted, etc.

It's always easier to be jealous



Of another and gleefully point out their shortcomings


Downgrade their success by saying such things as

They slept their way to the top

Look at them; always showcasing their gifts

and more

Who hasn't been envious of another's success? Who hasn't 'hated' (and I hope, sincerely hope it's not to the true level of hate) another because they dared to shine their light? Or was quick to judge another because they were not complying to our standards?

There is an old proverb:

"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones"  

This simply means that one should not criticize others, because everybody has faults of one kind or another. Remember, ALL humans are perfectly imperfect.

Including you.

Including me.

So instead of finding fault of another whether it is a true fault or they simply BElieve in something you don't, why not back off and listen? You just may learn a thing or too. This is not to say you must now own or embrrace their beliefs, but it certainly widens your horizon! Listen openly. Listen with not just your mind, but your heart. For example, y'all know I am trained in a variety of healing modalities. However, all these modalities combined add to the assistance of Western medicine. I'm experiencing this at this very moment. I have a frozen - albeit thawing - shoulder. The owner of the business concentrates on nutrition, supplements, physical therapy and chiropractic. He is fully aware of what I do for a living and flat out told me 'You take care of the spiritual, leave the physical to me.' I adore this man and the practice. 

What's Next? Time to Fly!

Isn't it time you unfurled Your Freak Flag and let it wave proudly? If you persist in hiding, whining and ultimately judging, your tribe members will pass you by because your true essence hasn't come out to play. 

Will you flag fly freely daily? Obviously that's the goal, but like all things in life, there are certainly days when one feels more confident than others. On those off days, it's best to observe, cocoon and learn. It's best to hibernate vs. joining some Whiny/Judgment Parade. 

It's yet another act in the Art of Allowing. The Art of Honoring; honoring your energy levels and know what you are capable of accomplishing and BEing on any given moment and day. Remembering it is more than A-OK to take things a bit slower. It is more than A-OK to BE. It is more than A-OK to soar. 

Please join me in committing to YOURSELF. Remembering your Whys. Honoring YOU.

What Angel will assist in this?

Archangel Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love, is my go to in this scenario for many reasons. 

  • She will remind you of your Whys.
  • She will remind you in the most loving manner to BE quiet and not judge
  • She will remind you that it is time to take a break and slow down
  • She will remind you on those high powered days to soar ever higher
  • She will remind you on those low energy days to withdraw, close your mouth and tend to YOU
  • She will remind you to listen openly

Why do all or any of these acts? Quite simply when one tends to themselves first, they are constantly replenishing their sacred vessel and naturally BEcome not just tolerate of another's beliefs, but depending on the circumstances accepting. 

I hope you read this post openly and perhaps re-read it and allow the various ideas and thoughts to seep deep within. Remember, you are loved for you. Not what you think you need to do, act, wear, etc in order to BE loved. 


Archangel Chamuel's Mandala

Exclusive to Angel Chatter

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love

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