How to better travel and BE protected by who else, the Angels

Archangel Michael Mandala, Angel Chatter

Recently our family was treated to a long weekend at the beach by one of our 'adopted' daughters. She is family and just short of BEing legal. 

That is a different story for maybe sharing later... much later or .. never. It plays into this story for our vacation was one born of LOVE and Family. 

We arrived on Thursday night to a beautiful home with a short five minute walk to the Bay. It was heavenly. 

It was a quaint, quiet, space for all to sleep and much more. We didn't even need to bring sheets! So much was taken care of that we just slipped on it and began to relax.

The weekend was a blast; on all levels. We gathered as a family and yet something felt 'off'. Amidst walking the boardwalk, something felt off. Sitting on the beach, I could feel antsy energy exuding from not only myself, but others. Something wasn't right, but chalked it up to all of us needing to relax from our busy lives and beginning to unwind. 

However, I wasn't far off with the sentiment that something wasn't right.

Returning Home

It was only after we returned home late Sunday night that it hit me.

We were all hit energetically by unseen forces in the house!

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

I found myself withdrawn and more exhausted than one ought to be. Not fun in my book by any means. 

I took my detox salt bath and yes felt better, but knew it was still with me and my husband. 

What on earth? After a bit of searching within and asking, I realized we had picked up some 'hitchhikers' along the way in the form of deceased folks who had died in a variety of shipwrecks off the coast! I even found myself searching for maps of shipwrecks in the area and WHOA are there quite a few!

Never in a million years would I make this up Never. 


So how do I get rid of bothersome shipwrecked victims?

With a little help from my friends; Zadkiel and Azrael. More on them in a moment.

First up, what to do going forward and this applies to you whenever you travel.

What to Do When Traveling to Protect

Now I didn't share this story or parts of it, to garner sympathy, but just to show that in the best of times we can get slammed energetically - no matter where we are or whom we are with.

Me included.

From now on I travel with three angelic buddies; Michael, Zadkiel and Azrael. I always have, but now I lead with them and have developed protocol that assists me. Here's why:

  • Michael. Absolutely - who doesn't desire extra angelic protection? Not only does he surround our travel machine (car or plane), but protects the perimeter of where you are staying as well as the interior.
  • Zadkiel. Even if there are not deceased and confused energies in the space you now occupy, it's best to clear. Who knows if the previous occupants had an argument? Who knows if other crappy activities were held there? Who knows? Let's face it, not everyone has your high powered integrity and resonates at such angelic levels. Remember, we don't drop just dead skin cells while sleeping, we drop other stuff that doesn't serve. Housekeeping can only go so far...
  • Azrael. Use us as an example; the house was newish. Meaning it wasn't a historic building or anything that would give a nod to hosting ghosts, etc. But rather it was the land on which the house sits. Land is land and therefore ancient. If you are empathic or sensitive, you are prone to getting 'hit'. Why not cover your bases and bring in the Angel of Transition to help those perhaps stuck to go on Home? It's a win-win for all in my book.


The Protocol

Here is the suggested protocol going forward the next time you travel:


  • Using the Sacred Michael Mister, Spritz all entrances; front, back and garage Archangel Michael Sacred Mister, Angel Chatterif one exists. If possible, spritz his sigil. You know, the symbol on his cards within the Angel Chatter Oracle Deck and by the way, if you are BEing observant, his sigil is on the label of his Sacred Mister. That is why these products are angelically charged. If, and only if you feel guided to do so, spritzing windows won't hurt. If you are staying in a house, then I would also recommend the perimeter where you are staying. Oh excuse me, HE recommends this. ;) Angelic humor here Chatterers. This protects the building you are now in and lower energies cannot enter.


  • Using the Zadkiel Sacred Mister, clear the space as you would with sage. Archangel Zadkiel Sacred Mister, Angel ChatterMeaning that you start in the uppermost floor and work counter-clockwise within each room and from room to room. If guided by Zadkiel, be sure to hit the closets, drawers and cabinetry. Proceed to bottom floor and so on. As with Michael, spritz Zadkiel's sigil if guided. 



  • Using the Azrael Sacred Mister, Spritz at will! Seriously, spritz at will! AzraelArchangel Azrael Sacred Mister, Angel Chatter will tell you if he is needed at this locale and where to 'attack'. It could be the dwelling itself, the land, or both. You may also use a mantra such as "Azrael will now lovingly escort you Home." As with the previous two angels, feel free to use Azrael's sigil to empower any ceremony you create.



Each one of these angels serves a purpose and will help you sleep much better, enjoy your stay whether for business, pleasure or a mix of both. 

While I have always called on Michael for protection at new locales; hotel rooms included, this one slipped in for we were with family. Our crazy, amazing, loving family and it just didn't occur that we needed preventive action. 

Shame on me. 

Do you only use these Angels when traveling? Of course not. Certainly if you live in a historic area, you may want to incorporate them into a regular routine. However, I will suggest that you use the candles in your sacred home. 

Here's to cleaner energy no matter where you rest yourself!



Do you only use these Angels when traveling? Of course not. Certainly if you live in a historic area, you may want to incorporate them into a regular routine. However, I will suggest that you use the candles in your sacred home. 

Here's to cleaner energy no matter where you rest yourself!



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  • Vicki Simpson

    I’ve gotten in the habit of traveling with Michael’s mister and a selenite wand among other things…. like to create sacred space wherever I’m staying.

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