How's Your Energy Lately?

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter


With 2020 behind us, YAY, and things beginning to loosen, how is your energy?

Are you feeling tired, drained, edgy?

If so, you are not alone; here's why:

No Matter Where/What/How

No matter your beliefs if COVID is real or fabricated

No matter your mask story

No matter your vaccine belief

No matter what else you have going on

2020 puts us all under constant stress. 

  • Perhaps you were silent in the mindset to not ruffle feathers and add to the chaos.
  • Perhaps you were on the frontline of helping others.
  • Perhaps you found yourself angry at the situation.
  • Perhaps you made use of your isolation and launched a new way to live.
  • Perhaps...

Hopefully, this rather paltry list shares the myriad of ways ALL of us were under ongoing stress throughout 2020, and it has certainly trickled into 2021.

Stop right now and think of the many above normal ways you encountered long-term stress last year. 

Now pat yourself on the back for having survived it all.

The Aftermath of Long Term Stress

Let me share a quick and very real story that has prompted this week's posting:

A friend of mine has had a family friend living with them for one year. Yep, as soon as lockdown started, he entered their home. 

They did this to help him get a leg up, so to speak, start fresh in a new locale. Once a job was secured, he was to pay rent and do some odd jobs of remodeling around the house. All very admirable, right?

One year later:

They are barely talking.

He hasn't paid rent since November.

The odd jobs? He hadn't touched them since last summer and ruined a pile of tools in the process. Her son is now taking over the project. 

Oh, in the midst of all this? Her 98-year-old mother with dementia is living with them! Unfortunately, her demeanor can switch on and off with a snap having her lash out with biting, scratching, and yelling. 

Oh, and her husband? Out of a job. 

Get the picture? 

The friend was forced to move out to save the marriage, which is holding on by a thread as it is. Momma is still there, against all medical odds. Husband still out of work, leaving the income to her. 

She's tired.

Initial High

It's OVER! I got the vaccine!

It's OVER! I prevailed from...

It's OVER! I got the job!

It's OVER! He's gone!

It's OVER...

Initially, we run an adrenal high. Exuberant is the new norm, or is it?

The day after their friend moved out, she was on a high of all highs! In fact, I hadn't heard this content in many months. We went for a fast-paced walk in the woods. She giggled, laughed, and even said:

Spring is HERE! 

New Beginnings is starting. 

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

The euphoria didn't last but that one day. I invited her for another walk the day following.

I'm exhausted.

Was her only response. Her long-term stress caught up, and now? She needs to rest. 

Just like you. 

Effects of Long Term Stress

Stress is a funny thing. It seeps in typically in small and insidious ways. Before you know it, you twitch. Your skin gets very dry. You either lose or put on weight. You get cranky, and sleep patterns are skewed. 

It is well documented in the medical community that long-term stress can have some serious health ramifications such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heart disease is exacerbated
  • High blood pressure
  • Eating disorders
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Stroke 
  • Heart attacks
  • Hair Loss
  • Nail issues; ridges, brittleness
  • Dry skin

Not a pretty picture, is it? By the time you realize what is happening, the path is well-formed, and it can be difficult to alter your course. 

AH, but you can alter that course! First, you need to rest up and might as well grab a journal of some kind.

How to Heal

First, let just get it out there that if you are experiencing any heart-related issues, best go to a physician, stat. 

Now let's talk about what you can do at home. Do you have that journal? Make sure you have that pen in hand as well because I have got an inkling that Chamuel mixed with Raphael will be dictating much to you. 

Ask questions such as:

What is causing my stress?

How can I alleviate the stress?


Start with those two very simplistic questions. Do not permit your brilliant mind to take over. Allow the angels and your soul to speak through you to you. If you begin to argue with this or that suggestion, the ego has taken over.

Remember, the ego loves nothing more than to keep you in a state of confusion, anger, and unworthiness. 

Chamuel Suggests:

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, has now entered and brings forth a myriad of ideas to help you along:

What can you eliminate from your life? Some ideas:

  • Alcohol. Don't shoot the messenger here, but alcohol has been proven to induce erratic sleep patterns AND raise blood sugars.
  • Excess TV. We are far from perfect in our home, but TV is limited to two hours daily and not turned on until after dinner.
  • Late nights. Our circadian rhythms are rather set at this stage of our life and late nights disrupt our natural patterns, which does add to the stress! Think of when you have been jet-lagged or when the time changes; how does your body react?
  • Sugar. Okay, to eliminate sugar, cold turkey isn't necessarily advisable unless your trusted doc says so. However, and it is a BIG HOWEVER, cutting back on sugar IS advisable. Excess sugar overloads our systems which can disrupt sleep and, believe it or not, contribute to the not-so-good way how we handle stress. 
  • What else do you personally get from Chamuel and Raphael?

What can you add to your life?

  • Schedule a nap. Yes, a NAP. Resting throughout the day, any day eases the mind.
  • Fresh fruits and veggies. As a friend and chef often share, Eat the Colors!
  • Meditate. If you are new to meditation, I do recommend our guided meditations. Customers and clients love them based on the private notes received regularly.
  • Forest Bathing. I know I do bring this up often, but nature is a beautiful ad natural healer. Who knows, you just may spy a faery or two!
  • What else can you add to your life to assist in your de-stressing campaign?

Enter Chamuel

As hopefully, you are aware by now that Chamuel is THE Angel for Self Love. 

It can be difficult to put one's self first, can't it? Especially if you are a caregiver in some capacity. Perhaps you are a caregiver for a parent, or a disabled loved one, or a coach or healer, or teacher, or ... You get so caught up in caring for others that by the time you stop for the day, you are exhausted.

Been there, done that. 

Now? I carve out time daily for myself. Selfish? in some eyes, absolutely. Necessary? Without a doubt. I've learned a thing or two as a domestic goddess, mom, coach to thousands, friend, sister, daughter, wife, etc., that IF I don't take care of me, I'm worthless to others.

Absolutely worthless. Well, there goes anything I wish to do to help another, right out the door. 

Chamuel had to wing slap me more than once and still does on occasion to remind me to tend to me. As an example, you know you are depleted when you are too exhausted to take a bath or go to a massage appointment. Now THAT'S depleted. Don't get that low for your own well-being.

By chatting with Chamuel, ideally daily, will help to switch gears and begin to implement new tactics that can easily be infused into your daily routine. For example, Chamuel instructed one of my mentees to take a 15-minute walk daily on her lunch break! It will help to disengage from the morning's stress at work and start the afternoon refreshed. Her response?

I can do that! 

Such a simple switch of what happens on a lunch break can change the entire day!

What is your simple strategy, switcheroo? I look forward to reading about it.

Want something more detailed and more personal just for you?  If you have found this of value, can you imagine what we can do together in one session or three months of working one on one? MAGIC Goddess does indeed happen. Imagine sitting with me, someone who listens not only with open ears, but heart to know what is really going on deep within you and layout a plan to get you to the next point and often beyond. Take the next step and PM me to schedule a private session.


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