I have a story to tell...

I have a story to tell...

I have a story to tell.


This story probably rambles.


This story has no ending because I'm not dead.


This story of saying YES to myself daily; life has changed.


We won't go over my entire life; let us say that I've always been intuitive and drawn to assisting and empowering people to live the best life possible for them.


Not anyone else.


Nothing about that has changed.


However, and it's a BIG, it changes as I grow and embrace more aspects of myself. Haven't you noticed that throughout your life, when you embrace a gift, life becomes a bit easier? Of course,  there is a brief moment, or no longer if you drag our feet that you cling to the past because of its comfort, but your future loom before you.


I had a session today with a man visiting from England. He reminds me a but of Tom Kenyon The Voice Alchemist. Joshua does something similar with his voice but also incorporates a gong, crystal bowl, turning forks, and a didgeridoo. Yes, didgeridoo.


We started off with a reading as a prelude to the healing session.


He confirmed that the rebranding and redirection of where my business is going is spot on. I don't foresee a time when The Gang doesn't play a role in my business. They have strongly encourage me to stop hiding behind them and step out more into my wholeness.


This came up again during the healing portion. I witnessed my soul lifting to the light, integrating information, and gently returning to the physical.


'It's time to step into your holiness.'




Yep, that was the word, and I was questioned about it. It was clear that holy was the word for a client/dear friend who told me years ago I am a holy person.


Yeah ok.


Then, in very recent times, during our sacred gathering in Respite, The Magdalene outed me.


Christine walks the path of the holy.


I'm still not buying it, but it has come up numerous times, twice in the span of two weeks.


I sat with this.


I do not, nor ever, see myself professing that I am a holy person. That runs amok in the ego.


What I do and can grasp is that I inspire and empower others to BE true to themselves.


When one is true to themselves, they naturally walk in the light. They are naturally joy-filled. They stand on the platform of Love.


To me, that is holy: standing in the energy of Love and helping others to do the same. 


Each one of us is a divine being.


Each of us is a child born in Love, even if you don't believe or 'know' you were.


Each one of us is holy.


Therefore, you deserve to BE recognized, heard, and seen, and respected for your gifts. You deserve to be living the life you have dreamed of. Why? Living your dream life supports your soul. It doesn't matter if you live in a log cabin in the Yukon, a mansion on the Rivera, or anything in between. It's your life, and it supports you.


When you have such support, each day flows with greater ease. You can stand and stay in the profound energies of Love. You feel confident in speaking your truth and no longer hide.


You walk in Joy.


You uplift others without a thought, even if you previously considered them unworthy, imposter, or clueless. YOU know that all have a lights within them that deserves to BE ignited and encourage to grow.


That is my job: to fan the flames within you so you may walk your holy path as you define it to BE.


Stay tuned; things are about to change and become more empowering than ever before.


Dare to BE.

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