I have a tough question for you

Dearest ~

I do have a tricky question for you, so don't answer until you've given it some thought and can feel and own the answer deep within your soul. 

It's easy to say yes often and not give it much energy behind it. One can easily slip into Scarlett O'Hara's persona and worry about it tomorrow.

Tomorrow is never really here, then.

Tomorrow is always the future, which is relatively fantastic and magical in its way, but not in this scenario. 

Have you settled in and are now ready to receive this somewhat loaded question?

Hope so.

Here we go.

Are You Willing?

Are You Willing to:

  • BE an Ambassador of Love
  • BE Happy
  • BE Prosperous
  • Be Forgiving
  • BE in the Flow
  • BE YOU

I'm going to garner a guess, and you said YES to every one of those prompts. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. 


If so, the question deepens to ask - How?

How Are YOU:

  • Allowing the process to unfold?
  • Being Proactive daily in its magical unfolding?
  • Saying YES?

I Warned You

See, it can BE so quick to jump in and respond with "I'm ready." or "Yes" or...

Then what do you do?

Scroll to the next post on social media?

Experience one meditation?

Get caught up in daily human living?

It's easy to get diverted in daily living. I get it. Just this morning, I received not great news and busied myself with amazing clients, a forest bath, made a zucchini casserole, and fabulous buttermilk biscuits. 

We ALL do diversionary tactics at some point. 

The question, yet another question, begs to BE asked:

How Are You Spending the Majority of Your Time?

So while I did many seemingly random things this morning combined, they help me clear my head. With my head cleared, I was able to sit at my desk, surrounded by the cats and write this post and BE present enough to dive deep with another client this afternoon and finish up a project for those attending the student-only retreat this fall.

If you find yourself muttering on a somewhat regular basis, phrases such as Where did the time/day/week go? and aren't sure. The Gang suggests you take an honest look at how you spend your time. I've been wing slapped a time or two in my past when I would fritter away a day a bit too regularly. 

I Ask Again ~

Are you willing? Are you willing to take control of your life? As you know, we are moving soon. 

While we had been overdosing on HGTV nightly and stalked Zillow all last year, it was a safe way to pass the time while in isolation. We had no clear idea of where or when the move would happen. For all we cared, it could be another drive or ten years down the road. 

Why? We were very comfortable where we lived. We are renting, and it is a beautiful house, but we knew early on it wasn't our house. In fact, with the housing market skyrocketing, we figured if our landlords hadn't said anything, we were safe; in fact, they had told us years ago we would be their last renters, but we could stay as long as we desired.

The Universe had a different plan.

Our landlord came by for her twice-yearly visit. As she left, she mentioned that they were indeed thinking of selling because the market is so hot. 


After she left, I went up to my husband's office and said: 

For once, why don't we BE proactive in our life instead of waiting for the shoe to drop?

We pounced on Zillow and our saved houses. There was one! We LOVED it. I made plans to see it and had a check ready to be filled out. 

Our realtor lined up three houses in two days' time: 'The' house and two others. 

Within three days, off we were driving to Williamsburg, VA, to look at houses. 

'The' house? Not a snowball chance would it be ours. It had been abused and so unloved that there are weeds growing in the gutter and more windows than not with wood rot. Off the list, it went.

Second house? It is called the Wallpaper House. I'll let you imagine why. Not our home; no yard for gardens and more.

Third house? We got lost getting there. We then spent the first ten minutes in the gardens. We entered our home, and our hearts stopped. THIS was it. In this market, we got it much below ask (nothing wrong with it), but it was OURS. 

All because we were and ARE willing to do the work to live our dream life. 

Are you?




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