I wished I had scrolled more; said nobody, ever...

I wished I had scrolled more; said nobody, ever...

I wished I had scrolled more; said nobody, ever.

The world seemingly and momentarily stopped yesterday when various social media platforms went dark.

People panicked.

People scrambled to change their passwords because they thought they had been hacked.

THEN, we realized that it was indeed them and not us.

There was a collective exhale heard around the world.

The world got quieter, if only for a moment.

For a few brief minutes, you had magical moments to focus more on yourself vs. wondering what others were saying or doing in their lives that could be more important than yours.

Pssst - nobody's life is more important than yours.

I'll admit, I initially panicked; the hacking thing. Something was up when all the countless password resets weren't going through. I stopped the endless password resets and stepped back.

Rationally, this inability to access the social media accounts or platforms could not have anything related to what my team or I had initiated.

Then I realized, thanks to others in my world, that Facebook was having a significant hiccup.

I placed my hands over my heart, the birthplace of the soul, and breathed in deeply. A centering happened. A new presence of awareness dropped in, and the entire physical body relaxed.

Not having the freneticism of social media relaxed the mind energetically. A friend even called it radio silence.

I won't disagree. It was a momentary cutoff from the world.

However, it was yet a lesson in awareness.

Questions arose, such as:

Where are you spending your time?
What are you doing with your time?
How are you spending your time?

And then the big one dropped in:

Why has it become so difficult to spend time with our thoughts and BE present in the world? Not present in the way that we know when someone's cat is being cute, or that person lost a ton of weight, or that person just made a crap load of money, or is sharing their next big thing. That is not being present in life. That is avoidance of life.

Try being present to hear the birds singing and see the love coming from another, just for you, and being present to spend time in solitude.

Just to BE.

Who isn't guilty of scrolling? It's become a way of life, and I admit, been there, done that, and do that, but not as much.

All this scrolling and the constant need to be aware of what is going on in the world through another's lens dilutes the dreams you hold dear. It diminishes your light.

It deadens your soul.

If you feel like me and would like to be more present with life, your life, try this:

Write the following word on a piece of paper.


Then, every time you decide to scroll, put a checkmark underneath this word. This little tactic has stopped me countless times from jumping over to any social media platform because my brain needed a break, even if the last break was just under one hour ago.

The checkmark fulfilled that need, and I was able to get back to the task at hand with ease and actually complete it in record time, rather than taking a break more than I care to admit.

This tactic helped to free up my time, which became liberating in all areas.

I stopped worrying if folks weren't commenting on posts; how could I connect more deeply? Instead, I sat with my WHYS.

Why I do what I do: to activate others' dreams and help them live their desired lives.

WHY this gets me excited: to help others remember their shine, their sparkle, their dreams. To help them shed the old beliefs that their ego keeps spreading to protect them from harm, failure, or whatever other nonsense the ego spews.

Here are some truths:

Nobody has all of their shit together.
Nobody learns from their successes.
Nobody has all the answers.

When we are present, we learn from our mistakes so we can be curious about life and the universe. We learn from our mistakes so we can become better people.

Deep down, we know we are perfectly imperfect, and there are still dreams yet to see the light of day and come to fruition. These dreams are ripe now. Now is the time for them to come out to play in the most significant and bold way possible for you.

Your boldness may be another's matter of fact, while your matter of fact could inspire another to be bold.

Remember, all are walking their own path.

Don't be coy.
Don't be belittling to others; that is beneath you.

Focus on you and your dreams. What are your desires? What do you wish to do in the world, and how do you wish to BE?

Remember, no matter your vocation, you are a teacher. You teach by example—how you show up, what you say, what you wear, and what you do.

Your inactions and non-verbal communication go a long way, too. That is not to say you must be involved in every communication across your awareness! That falls into the scrolling arena again, and this is a cycle worth breaking.

Permit yourself to BE.

Permit yourself to relax.

Scrolling isn't relaxing. In fact, it has been proven to reduce your attention span and contribute to anxiety and depression. Hopefully, this isn't ground-breaking news for you, but perhaps you have noticed that a 30-minute TV show is now approximately 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES! This twenty-minute is broken up into two or three segments because, well, attention span!

The contribution to anxiety and depression is well depressing because your light deserves to sparkle. You deserve all you desire. Scrolling contributes to anxiety and depression because you consciously or unconsciously compare your life to what you see and read on social media. Remember, people are putting out what they desire you to read and know about themselves.

In many ways, it is like a prolonged dating game. I keep showing up as I think you want me to be, rather than as I really am.

That is not authentic.
That is a disservice to you and your dreams.

If this way of life continues, over time, your dreams can become fragmented and squashed just by scrolling because you may not see another doing what you desire or how you wish to BE in the world. Your light dims. Life becomes segmented into minor quips and not a life well-lived.

Right now, I am present with you and your energy. I can feel you reading this, questioning how you can shift your reality, and desiring more.

I'm glad.

You deserve to have a full life—a life that you have wished for, a life with friends who support you, a life well lived.

A life that has you excited to awaken each morning, not wishing it was quitting time so you could watch hours of mindless TV or more scrolling.

Take a break.

BE with you and your thoughts. Dare yourself to remember your dreams and fan them into a fire that ignites your soul.

One thing that excites me is igniting another's soul into action through channeled messages, sacred rituals, energy clearings, and much more.

My WHY? It fuels my soul to see another deliriously happy with their life.

Now is your time. Dare yourself to be seen, heard, and honored. I can and do help others reach that beautiful place in their lives, and I'd be honored to help you as well.

In fact, I will say it is my mission to activate, inspire, and empower as many souls worldwide as long as I am breathing and walking this earth.

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