I won’t diminish my light to accommodate another’s fears

I won’t diminish my light to accommodate another’s fears
I’m so grateful to have found and embraced this sentiment, thanks to The Gang.
I remember I played small just to be perhaps included in their cliques! Even though the others danced in fear, I allowed their fear to dictate my actions and inactions. I became constantly hesitant in speaking, sharing, and simply BEing me in many areas of my life. The others had fallen prey to gaslighting tactics that ultimately made them feel very low and unworthy, yet I desired to be part of the 'cool' kids!
Oh boy, did that heavy energy cocoon us! We felt lethargic, got sick, and didn’t feel motivated to show up in life anywhere, turning down invitations, not exercising, and not pursuing our beloved activities.
Pay extra attention to this next part. It’s a bit of ancient wisdom that will help you immensely when it's activated within your life:
💖 I felt those emotions/feelings and recognized they weren’t true.
💖 I had to BE willing to climb out and do my part.
💖 Asked The Gang what my next steps could BE.
Little by little, the black hole got more shallow. Sparkles ignited within. The throat chakra was so clogged it took a bit of coaxing to help me share the truth; Love. To this day, it is typically the first chakra that scampers back to smallness.
Thank you to Uriel, Angel of Safety, for the wing slap so filled with Love that I felt safe to BE me, then EXCITED to share with the world and beyond.
Life continued. I began to notice the lower energies as they surfaced. Notice the word block(s) was not used. Blocks are just that - a BLOCK. They feel like cement and immovable. By choosing to view them as a lower energy/limiting mindset, it becomes easier to address and heal. It’s the energy that you currently contain. Recognizing that this is where you are now doesn’t mean you will always be in this energy container.
By seeing things differently, you can recognize another’s fears as theirs and not connected to you. They hold up a mirror and ask if you wish to play along. 
You can quickly put the mirror aside and choose to see things differently through the lens of LOVE. 
For all those spiritual gurus out there preying on your insecurities - how do they ultimately make you feel? 
Rather crappy, right?
They are feeding fear which, in my book, isn't very empowering. They are controlling your actions and inactions.
Have you ever felt this way? Like you couldn’t survive or get ahead unless you worked with them?
Me too. 
Just the other day, I played along with a highly respected woman in her field and did her free intro course. When it came to purchasing the course, it was clear I did not need it. It felt so powerful! Others will benefit, but it's not for me at this time. 
Therefore, when I suggest you reach out and ask for ideas, I’ll tell you the truth in the most loving way possible. Even if it’s to work with another! 
Ask my students. I frequently recommend them to others that would be a great match. 
Now I get to stand clear in the truth, LOVE, and not limit my actions or inactions based on another’s fear.
That is my wish for you. That you:
💕Dance your dance. 
💕Speak the truth, LOVE. 
💕Follow your heart. 
💕Lean in and BE you.

So much Love is coming your way,

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