Imagine, An Ease-filled Life

I have a serious question for you.

Are you happy?

I mean it, are YOU happy? 

Are you happy with your life's trajectory? Sure we all have ups and downs, but it's important to go UP more than go down, wouldn't you agree?

Are you happy with you? Ahh herein lies the deeper question. Are you happy doing what you do or are you just treading water and making good time?

Certainly we all have waffled and settled in at various times in our life. This isn't always a bad thing this settling in. It gives us a chance to catch our breath, marinade in the upleveling energies that we did embrace, and dream of our next level. The marinating stages are lovely to swim in. During those phases you own this new way of BEing vs. rushing to the next 'up'. You revel in your magic, your wit and own what has been lifted up and easily incorporate it; much like putting on your shoes. It becomes a natural way of BEing for you.

Beside, always moving and upleveling is exhausting and not recommended. How can you own each level if you are leapfrogging ahead constantly. Where is the joy in that ride?

All of this upleveling doesn't mean retail therapy and purchasing the most expensive, exclusive product. It means we uplevel our energy so that retail therapy isn't required because we own that we make our own happiness. Sure beautiful things are lovely and in my personal life we have many beautiful things, but treasure them or use them all.

It doesn't come from outside us. 

We create it. 

Certainly we can find happiness outside us, but it/they are not responsible for making us happy. 

It's one of the reasons I LOVE the walks in the magical woods near our home and how blessed are we to have woods near our new home?! How crazy is it that the woods are same distance from our home in both locations!

The angels knew this was important to me and delivered BIG time. 

Being amongst nature, including the trees make me happy as we talk with each other. The trees are not responsible for my happiness, no more than my family, our pets, or you for that matter. It comes from within me.

If you haven't watched some of the magical walks videos that I share on Facebook, I invite you to do so now. 

What Can YOU Do to Invite in Happiness?

There are so many activities you could partake of to lift your soul:

  • Magical Woodland Walks - you knew it would BE high on the list. Woodland vs. neighborhood
  • Pampering Acts such as detox bath, mani/pedi, massage, facials
  • Time alone in silence! If you are empathic the absence of manmade noise is pure bliss.
  • Journal. Don't be afraid to share your feelings. The longer you hide or suppress those unhappy mindsets, the longer they linger. In fact, Jophiel now suggests that the left side of your journal is for 'dumping'. Use the right side to right the opposite point of view/mindset. Call the Journal - The Joy Journal
  • Eat healthily! yes, we can all enjoy those comfort foods, but they are proven to dull the senses and are toxic to your sacred vessel; your body.
  • Enroll in a course that pushes your limits in positive ways. 
  • Hire, yes I said HIRE, a mentor. One that is compassionate, listens well and can offer steps to empower you and can hold space for you as you embark on your next level UP. 

The tools mentioned above range in monetary commitment; free to thousands of dollars. Having done all of the above, choose wisely! I've wasted money on programs that sounded good, but didn't really walk their talk so to speak. So I chalk those up to 'Lesson Learned'! 

Own your worth Dearest.


Chat with Jophiel to remember your joy and makes makes you happy from quiet activities to public ones. 

Place your hands over your solar plexus and feel the essence of JOY come forward. Feel the power of Jophiel's wings surrounding you and infusing every cell within your sacred vessel with JOY. 

Breathe it in.

Exhaling out dross.

Breathe in the JOY. 

Revel in it.

Dance in it.

BE the JOY




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  • carol smith

    Very timely blog thank you and love the bit about the left side of your journal.blessings .

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