Invite the Change and Magic Happens

Invite the Change and Magic Happens

I was with the group that had signed up for the Accelerated BE You Program last week. It was Raziel's week, The Angel of Intuition. 

Raziel is the eighth angel to be discussed, so we were steeped within the course, and the shifts that have happened simply bring tears to my eyes, witnessing such curiosity, growth, and empowerment. 

I LOVE doing an angel focus per week with these beautiful students. Why? The Gang is also reintroducing themselves to me in a different light. We can all use a refresher occasionally, wouldn't you agree? Like you, I never pretend to know all the answers; that is just a ridiculous and unobtainable goal, so I have chosen to absorb what I need and when and go back for more when nudged. 

However, last week was crazy. We went off the expected script of talking about the various types of intuition; how to tap in for readings for self and clients. We ended up chatting about using intuition to guide you throughout your day. We even discussed home decor! The exact colors to use and furniture placement. This may sound unusual, and I will admit, it was somewhat surprising when Raziel took such a circuitous route to make his point, but we leaned in and listened. They got some very personal tips for their sacred space and learned how they were receiving these tips; feeling, knowing, listening, and even smelling came into play. Most of the Clairs were used, but now? They were being used for the day-to-day of life vs. the usual what do I need to do/know/expect scenarios.

We changed course and listened.

Intuition can and is a wondrous tool that we all have access to. The thing is, we rarely listen; we've something to do and places to go. We have a route plotted for the day and often stick to it. Those figurative horse blinders go on, and all those beautiful signs we are given are entirely missed at that moment. 

This particular call was refreshing for all who attended. Raziel offered a different take on how to tap into intuition. We got steeped in this energy, and this is where my day shifted. 
When the call was over, I had errands to run; the fabric store, grocery store, and the flower pile - more on that in a bit. 
The sequence I just shared was how I envisioned performing errands: fabric, food, and flowers.
As I ventured out and approached the Colonial Parkway, Raziel stepped in and announced it was best if I went to the flower pit first. Being in the afterglow zone, I didn't think twice and turned left vs. right and headed to the flower pit.
The flower pit is a pile of discarded flowers from Colonial Williamsburg that gets dug up every year, and the plants and bulbs lay there to die. My parents discovered this pit a few years back and were encouraged to take whatever they desired and have passed on this juicy tidbit to me.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, my gardens, and I thank you profusely.
I've been stalking the place for a few weeks, and that was the day! Initially, I saw no bulbs, just more cut leaves, but look a little deeper! Read that again…
Look a little deeper. Stop with the surface browsing, and don't be afraid to go deep.
You are always rewarded, and that day was no different:
I did a jig; nobody was watching, I thought.
I filled two bags; TWO BAGS were overflowing with daffodil and tulip bulbs. As I was finishing up, I heard a hello. A gentleman had been watching me and asked if I wanted more. I hadn't even noticed him sitting in the little cart that the gardeners use. 
He handed me yet another bag filled with bulbs and told me to return later that day and that he would have more for me.
Before returning to get the second installment, 250 bulbs FOR FREE got planted! Yes, I did count because this information was helpful in the placement of these new babies.
Our gardens benefitted from this bounty all because I listened to Raziel and changed course. To gather up these bulbs was a highlight certainly, but to meet a fellow avid gardener who wished to share this bounty? That's priceless. 
The Gang was not done with me yet; the adventures continued. 
Off to the fabric store to purchase batting for two quilts. As I was in line to buy, I chatted with another man. He shared that he needed the seats in his RV reupholstered and was having difficulty finding someone to do the work. I gladly offered two contacts to him who do fabulous work locally. The cashier also took notes. Their smiles were contagious as I left. 
Just paying it forward. 
Lastly, the grocery store. This place asks for a quarter to use the carts, and you get the quarter back upon returning the cart to its proper location. It's a small way to help keep the property tidy and keep folks a bit conscientious in their actions.
No biggie.
After shopping and loading the goodies into the car, I was returning the cart to its home. Another goddess approached, and I asked if she needed the cart.
SURE, and here's a quarter.
No thanks, this one is on me. She just grinned and thanked me. 
Being in the zone, I felt like a treat. Nothing outlandish, just some good iced tea. Raziel guided me to a cute, cozy, independent bake shop, bypassing all the standard chains. I was second in line, and the woman in front inquired about what was cheaper for the two tea choices. The prices were shared, and she chose the cheaper of the two. 
This one is on me. 
Her mouth dropped open, and she thanked me profusely. It was a lifeline on what was a very rotten day for her. 
Then? I floated home; there were 250 bulbs to plant!
I hadn't experienced that day of magic in a while because I listened to Raziel and turned left instead of right. 
During this two-hour excursion, I changed. There was a shift in the flow again, and you know what? It felt pretty incredible. No pressure to act or perform a certain way. Simply follow the signs and experience magic in the here and now. 
 I remembered to lean in, listen, and act. Nothing was life-changing, and yet who says a complimentary iced tea, grocery cart, and flowers can't be life-changing for someone? 
This can BE your kind of day too. I'm not that special and am the only person with the right to a day like this. YOU have every right to live a life filled with this kind of magic and more. 
You must desire and ask for the shift, accept the change, smile, and continue. 
You've got this.
Remember, change is change, no matter how big or small. When you commit to you, that is one of the biggest changes you will ever make. Promise. Everything else? That's just gravy on top. 
The moment you begin to honor yourself, your needs, desires, and dreams, The Gang conspires to line up events, people, and more that support you on this journey, your journey. Whether it feels like it is in the moment or not, they are conspiring to assist you and only you. You are that special. 
There is a caveat. You have to take the first step and say yes to you and mean it.
Think of change as a game. You get to take the first step and let it settle in. Feel the feels, as the saying goes, and you get to decide when to take the next step.
And so on. 
There is no rush to get there first. No penalty for arriving late. You do you. Follow the bliss of your heart, lean in to listen, and act on their inspirations. 
As always, if you wish assistance, reach out. It's one of the things I LOVE doing, besides taking free flowers.

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